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Two Lunar eclipses this year!

Posted by Alex Holloway on

The New Zealand Herald has put together times and dates to see the two different eclipses this year. It's quite a treat as the moon will glow red and is quite
the experience. Even if you have seen an eclipse before this is going to be something different as it's happening around sunset. 

You want to be using a Telescope and be on a eastern beach to get the best image. We sell a wide range of Telescopes right here online. Feel free to contact us for advise on Telescopes for this event. You will require a Solar filter that matches the model of Telescope. Using a Telescope/Binocular/Camera during an eclipse without a solar filter will cause blindness. 

When, where to watch

Total lunar eclipse - April 15, 2014

• Penumbral eclipse begins: 4.55pm
• Partial eclipse begins: 5.59pm
• Full eclipse begins: 7.08pm
• Maximum eclipse: 7.46pm
• Full eclipse ends: 8.23pm
• Partial eclipse ends: 9.32pm
• Penumbral eclipse ends: 10.36pm

Total lunar eclipse - October 8/9, 2014

• Penumbral eclipse begins: 9.17pm
• Partial eclipse begins: 10.18pm
• Full eclipse begins: 11.27pm
• Maximum eclipse: 11.55pm
• Full eclipse ends: 12.22am
• Partial eclipse ends: 1.32am
• Penumbral eclipse ends: 2.32am

Best sightings

• The first eclipse will be best seen from eastern beaches.
• The second eclipse will be visible all over New Zealand.
• They can be seen with the naked eye, but binoculars or telescopes will improve the view.
• Contact your local astronomical society or club for viewing details.
• In Auckland, the Stardome Observatory will be open for both events.

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