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Top 3 General Spotting Scopes

Posted by Alex Holloway on

A general spotting scope is something that you would use for enjoying a view at your house or bach. If you are looking for something to enjoy watching the boats or enjoying your view these are the products for you. Having a simple to use unit is an advantage in this category, as in a house setting many different users could be using the scope. It needs to be simple and flexible enough for everyone and their eyesight. 

Konus Konuspot 80 - Green w/ Smartphone Adapter Spotting Scope

Konus 80mm

The Konuspot is a simple to use Spotting scope that comes with a mini tripod and a smart phone adapter for basic photography. It's the best selling scope by a mile, and is what most general purpose users buy for its fantastic quality to price ratio. Saying that, it's not suitable if you are near water as it has no weather sealing and doesn't handle getting wet well. it also comes in an 100mm version for better brightness and low light performance if your budget allows for it.  

Kowa SV82

This is a classic (the first version of the scope was released in 1984) that keeps being revised year after year due to overwhelming demand. People love the style and it's focus on optics, rather than bells and whistles. 

It's waterproof and nitrogen filled to stop it from fogging up. It is able to be attached to a wide range of accessories for taking photos. It is built to last, and comes with a 10 year warranty. 

$$$ Leica APO Televid 82mm with 25-50x eyepiece Spotting Scope

Leica APO 82mm

While this unit is the tops in terms of hunting it also has some other features that make it ideal for in the house too. It looks understated and classy in the home, with extremely easy to use controls and amazing eye adjustments for use with or without glasses. 

The amazing optical edge sharpness, coupled with its great lowlight performance will allow you to see details kilometres away in all light conditions. The Eyepiece is wide and immersive and will never need maintenance thanks to its Aquadura coatings. It's a quality product for a quality home. It's also great at getting up close to already close objects, like zooming in on a butterfly or bee next to a flower. 

A 1.4 Telecoveter has just been released, which will allow you to extend it's zoom range to a massive, 70x times magnification if you find you want to get even closer.   

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