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For many people, buying a camera isn't easy and there is no one-model-fits-all camera. With so many models out there it's important to make sure you get the model that is right for you, otherwise you could end up being disappointed. Feel free to contact us for some advice.

Things to keep in mind when shopping on our website:

  • There is no real rating system for cameras to tell you what model is best or is better than another model.
  • Don't get stressed out about having the best model. No camera has the best photo quality, performance, features, and design, there's always a trade-off.
  • Make sure the weight and the shape of the camera is going to fit your hand. If you have large hands a compact isn't going to feel right. So much of an images sharpness comes from how steady the camera is. Lots of people use Tripods for this very reason. 

Cameras come in a few main categories, each with a different price point.

Point and Shoot

Under $250
Point and shoots are for people who want a step up from a camera phone and want
something that has mostly automatic operation.

Compact Megazoom

$150 to $350
Same as the point and shoot cameras but with the difference of having a zoomable lens. Has slightly better picture then a point and shoot.


$300 to $650
People who use a megazoom are people who want a compromise between quality and zoom features. Still mostly automatic operation. Normally more then 26x zoom.

Enthusiast Compact

Price heavily depends on model.
People who enjoy photography and like to play with settings but want something unobtrusive. Has photo quality that would be at a sellable level and gives you the manual options to control the feel and look of the photos.

Mirrorless interchangeable lens

$1,000 +
Has amazing image quality as well as allowing to you change the lens to get the best photo possible. With the size of a large compact and the quality of a DSLR these cameras give you the best of both worlds. They have an automatic mode though for best results it's advised you use them in manual. 


$700 - $10,000
What the pro's use. It's a full sized camera designed for image quality and fast manual operations. Entry level DSLR's start at $1000 and top out at around $10000 for the best pro-level camera. They all have changeable lens and are designed to be the complete photography package in terms of body and the lens 
you can buy.

Feel free to visit our Birkenhead shop during business hours or email us for more information. 


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