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Our Top Metal Detectors

Top 3 Treasure and Relic Detectors

Relic and Treasure detectors are great for the beaches, the forest or even the park. If you are not wanting to go hunting for gold nuggets, you definitely want a relic detector.

Discrimination is important, as well as weight and to a lesser degree, coil size.


The Minelab Go Find series is the easiest to use metal detector on the market. Designed for new users it has a light, foldable design, LCD panel and uses icons, rather than numbers for an experience that requires no training and is ideal for any age.

It comes in either a Go Find 20, Go Find 40 or Go Find 60 model, each version getting better than the last in terms of features and discrimination levels (and naturally price).

A great first or family detector on a budget.


A french detector and has become the standard when it comes to ergonomics. It is so light, you can use it all day without getting a sore arm and being totally wireless, you feel free when using it, not constrained by cables. The battery life is 20 + hours on a single charge and comes with its own lithium batteries installed.

Performance wise, it comes with great presets to cover all types of detecting and a full expert mode when you want total control. Discrimination control is excellent, but not world class. For the best money can buy the unit below is for you.


The king when it comes to control. This detector is not aimed at new users, but experienced users wanting to fine tune the detecting experience in terms of what they find. Waterproof to 3m and having a graphing system you can control exactly what you find, in nearly any area and ground type.

It has built-in GPS for tracking your metal detecting areas, Carbon fibre steam and can take the included Lithium batteries or AA's.

It's great to use with the Pro Sonic, for a wireless audio solution that doesn't lose any sound quality.

Top 3 Gold Detectors

With gold detectors, you have no shortage of units to pick from. They don't normally have discrimination and if they do it is very limited.

These are designed for gold prospecting, but for general gold objects like a bracelet, a treasure detector would be just fine.


A new entry-level gold detector from Minelab that has great performance for it's price. It's super easy to use and comes with everything you need right out of the box.

All you need to do is turn the detector on, hold the detector in the air for 10 seconds then start finding gold. No complex controls or setup. Ideal for beginners.


With 13 to 81kHz frequency options, it's one flexible coil and is fantastic at finding very small targets like gold nuggets. Why this is great is because unlike the other two detectors on the list, it can be used for normal treasure hunting too. The downside is that you have to have a XP Deus already.

making it a flexible, but the expensive setup that would only really appeal to XP users or people who like to do both relic and gold hunting.


While not as powerful as the huge GPX 7000 the SDC 2300 is very suitable for NZ's gold finding environment. Unlike Australia, our gold is often in rivers and creeks so a portable, waterproof unit is a must-have.

The detector is very easy to use, much like the Gold Monster in a sense. It keeps you detecting, instead of worrying about settings.


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