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Our Top Microscopes

Top 3 Digital Microscopes

More and more microscopes are becoming purely digital or have a digital component. This is true in both stereo and compound designs. The thought is, if they make a digital-only microscope, it keeps the price down while allowing the sharing aspects so many companies and individuals demand.

They are becoming commonly used by educators, as being able to stream footage from a computer to a screen is a great educational tool as well for research to compare new and old samples.  


Unusual in its flexibility, the Carson Zpix is one of the few that can be used like a compound or stereo microscope making it the ideal unit for a child. It works with both mac and pc computers and comes with basic accessories to get you started. You don't need to buy anything straight away to have fun with the microscope.


A stereo digital microscope aimed at users who need a bit more power in a stereo design than something like a Zpix for slides. The bundled software allows you to easily capture still images at 5MP and video at 1920x1200 at 30fps as well as take measurements and make annotations; features usually found only on higher-end microscopes.

Weighing less than one kilo the Celestron Handheld Digital Pro is also very portable.


A digital compound microscope that comes with an amazing 5 mega-pixel camera. In addition to capturing images and videos the bundled software can take measurements, edit the image and add annotations.

It has fine focus controls for high powered imaging and a flexible lighting system for the ideal video or photo of your specimen.

Very popular for educational purposes because of the high-resolution camera. The image can be enlarged to massive sizes without losing image quality.

Top 3 Stereo Microscopes

Stereo microscopes are ideal for subjects that are reflective, like minerals, insects, PCB boards etc. Generally, anything that's not suitable to view inside of a slide would be viewed with a stereo microscope.


An incredibly popular unit due to it's ease of use and affordability, the Carson MicroBrite Plus fits comfortably in the hand. An excellent all rounder the MicroBrite Plus is suitable for gems, minerals, stamps, slides et cetera. Also great for introducing children to the world of microscopy. Takes one AA battery.

Also available in a lower magnification (20-40x).


A solid metal stereo microscope. With either 20x or 40x magnification you're getting a sharp and clear image. You can select between 3 different lighting setups using the dial on the side and can either have a white, or black background against your specimen. Also has a diopter adjustment to compensate for any vision discrepancies between a user's left and right eye.


A major upgrade from the Diamond both optically and in terms of features. The Crystal 45 features a zoomable objective (anywhere from 7-45x is possible out of the box), a trinocular head for mounting a camera and a threaded barrel for ring illumination and AUX lenses. Two dimmer switches allows a fine degree of control over the lighting.

Top 3 Compound Microscopes

Compound microscopes are used for all kinds of slides and biological subjects. They offer a high powered image with 3-5 lens options for varying the power. The quality of the scope is highly tied to the price and many of today's units have a camera for sharing and measuring your subjects. We won't be discussing toy microscopes in this list.


The best selling unit for schools and for basic bio use, the Skylab 400x Biological Microscope offers a high-quality viewing experience at an affordable price point. It plugs directly into the wall and comes with a full metal body, real objective lenses with basic lighting adjustments.


This binocular compound microscope has a camera built right into its head. The camera streams in real time what the microscope is seeing onto a screen for all kinds of video or stills recording. The microscope comes with a soft case as well as a few starter accessories

In terms of specifications is well rounded. Fine focus, a 3d stage and variable lighting controls are all present making this Omax a great performer.


As the name suggests, the Konus Infinity 3 has infinity-corrected objectives, offering a sharper, more flexible experience. Because of this, the Konus can be used with a wide number of other accessories such as cameras, both DSLR and microscope cameras, illuminators or polarizers to name a few.

While not that much more than the Omax out of the box and not the most expensive microscope we sell, the price quickly goes up when you are adding accessories to tailor the microscope to your subject. You don't pay for things you don't need. Konus made an effort to have as much of the unit using standard sizes as possible, and we have used it with accessories from other brands for a great result.


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