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Our Top Tripods

Top 3 Video Tripods

Video Tripods are designed to be stable, smooth experiences with balance plates and levels for getting that amazing pan shot. The most important thing to consider is what video camera or spotting scope is going to be attached, as if the equipment is too heavy for its head you risk damaging it, resulting in jerky movement.

Spotting scopes are used commonly with video heads. The experience is easier than trying to juggle tilt with a ball head.


The Celestron Trailseeker is a feature standard out at its price range. It has a clutch controlled fluid head with a, flexible legs with 3 set angles and a built-in compass. The head control is Arthritis friendly and has been enlarged for ease of use.

Maximum payload of 4 kilograms.

A new product from Orion, it's inexpensive and very well built. It has an adjustable quick release plate for better balance, a hook in the centre for keeping it stable in strong winds as well as having a quick release lock, so there is no way your equipment can come loose from the tripod by mistake (or if you have small children who like to play).

Maximum payload of 5 kilograms.


With support up to 6kg, it's a noticeable stability upgrade. The design of the legs has been improved and it's now using a ball mount with middle spreader and fork leg design to reduce any kind of shake as much as possible.

The head has 5 different counterbalancing settings plus 3 grades of fluid drag for a head can that be perfectly set up for almost anything quickly and easily.


A professional unit designed for large video cameras, it's comfortable with large video cameras. Some of the features include a lighted bubble level for night work, 4 step counterbalance, easy link connections (for accessories) and a balanced recording feature for speedy setups, it's the complete package.

Comes with a 10-year warranty and unlike cheaper brands official spare parts are available globally.

Maximum payload 13 kilograms.

Top 3 Photography Tripods

Photography Tripods generally come with a Ball Head or a 3 Way Head for quickly changing from Portrait to landscape and to adjust for a straight horizon line, every-time.

They come in full size and travel variants depending on what style of photography you do and are often designed to work well with photography backpacks.


A feature rich, budget, strong tripod that holds most entry level DSLR's and compact cameras. It has a long list of features including a removable centre column for macro and low angle photography, a flexible leg adjustment system that allows the legs to go to any angle as well as a strong, metal ball head.

Joby Gorillapod Focus with Ballhead X

This product from Joby is worth a mention in the budget price range. Featuring top-tier build quality, the tripod can hold any DSLR and lens with ease. Having flexible legs, it's possible to wrap the tripod around branches, trees, and poles for all kinds of different perspectives you can't do with a conventional tripod.

It also means it's fantastic for travel, as it's only 700g.


This is the newest generation of the Alta Pro range and the quality has really been stepped up. It's the little things, from the rubber texture on all the knobs for ease of use even when cold, or the markings on each moving part, allowing the user to reset the tripod to exactly the same shape for repeated results. This tripod has nearly every feature we have seen in a tripod, contained into one.

It comes in either 3W or BH versions with either 3 or 4 clip leg. The 3-way head can't shoot parallel to the ground like the ball head version does and cannot have its pole removed to be used as a monopod.  


A professional landscape tripod, this is sold without a head, so please factor the price of a head into the price if required. Something like the Manfrotto MHXPRO-BHQ6 XPRO Ball Head  is a good example of a basic ball head though depending on your exact subject, the head should be brought according to your use.

This tripod - while large - is made of carbon fibre; making it strong as well as light. It features an Easy Link Plug, for holding lots of different photography accessories, like LEDs and reflectors while the Quick-Lock system on its legs allows for one-handed leg extension.

The bubble level will rotate, depending on your shooting position, or with the centre column on it's 90-degree angle for downwards or straight upwards shooting.

Comes with a 10-year warranty. Official spare parts are available globally.


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