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Bushnell NorthStar - 900mm x 4.5" (114mm) w/RVO Telescope

Price: $749.00

This NorthStar Telescope from Bushnell makes it possible for amateur astronomers to identify, locate, and track celestial objects with simple, push-button control. The 645-millimeter x 4.5-inch reflector model features a power-boosting Barlow Lens for increased magnifications of 45x, 135x, 225x, and 675x. These powerful optics combine with the computer-driven location technology with a built-in database of 20,000 celestial objects, to unveil the mysteries of the night sky. The telescope comes with a hand-held remote control module that allows you to call up your target by entering a simple "Go To" command. The NorthStar computer then locates the target, and once locked on to the target, tracks it automatically for prolonged viewing. Meanwhile, the innovative RVO (Real Voice Output) feature on the remote provides a fun, interactive way to explore the night sky. The telescope also features a 1x wide-angle, red dot, finderscope that allows the user to quickly sight in on areas of the sky and find objects quickly. The NorthStar Telescope comes complete with a quick-release tripod, kinematic mount, and an accessory tray for fast, easy assembly.


Features and Specifications:

  • 675-millimeter by 4.5-inch Motorized GoTo Reflector
  • Magnifications: 45x, 135x, 225x, 675x
  • 4 and 20 millimeter eyepieces
  • Length: 900 millimeters
  • Power-boosting Barlow lens
  • "Go To" computerized tracking technology
  • Red Dot LED finderscope
  • Remote hand-held control module with Real Voice Output (RVO)
  • Camera adaptable
  • Quick release tripod
  • Kinematic mount
  • Accessory tray

Reflector Optics
The optical system in a reflector uses a primary mirror to reflect the light from a distant object so that it can be focused to a point and magnified by an eyepiece. Popularized by Sir Isaac Newton in the 17th Century, it is sometimes referred to as a Newtonian reflector.

Barlow Lens
The Barlow Lens is an auxiliary lens that increases the power by a factor to increase the magnification power of the telescope.

"GO TO" Computerized Star Locator
The Go To Star Locator utilizes an on-board computer and advanced motorized technology to allow you to quickly locate and automatically follow over 20,000 pre-programmed astronomical objects with the touch of a button. Educational descriptions of each object are also provided.

Talking, Hand-Held, Remote Control Module
The hand-held control module features red, backlit push buttons and a red, illuminated LCD read-out for easy viewing that won't impair your night vision. The talking feature of the remote describes the night sky with the touch of a button, in a real human voice.

Kinematic Mount
This simple yet high-precision altaz mount features three points of contact in both the horizontal and vertical planes for optimum shape so that you can set up your view quickly, easily, and accurately.

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