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Orion Deluxe Off-Axis Guider

SKU: 05521

Orion Deluxe Off-Axis Guider-Other-Jacobs Photo and Digital

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Tired of using a separate guide telescope for astrophotography? The Orion Deluxe Off-Axis Guider lets you image and guide with the same telescope! This streamlined solution will reduce setup time, save weight on your telescope mount and eliminate any tracking problems associated with mirror shift or tube flexure.

The OrionDeluxe Off-Axis Guider works best with the Orion StarShoot AutoGuider and StarShoot cameras, as well as Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras. Accommodates most imaging cameras and telescopes with sufficient inward focus travel (59mm required). May require additional threaded adapters for use with some models of Schmidt-Cassegrain (SCT) telescopes.

Not recommended for use with reflector telescopes due to their limited focus travel.

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