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Orion Dual Finder Scope Mounting Bracket

SKU: 10145

Orion Dual Finder Scope Mounting Bracket-Mounting Bracket-Jacobs Photo and Digital

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Orion Dual Finder Scope Mounting Bracket

SKU: 10145

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About this product

Attach two different aiming devices to your telescope quickly and easily with the Orion Dual Finder Scope Mounting Bracket.

Many amateur astronomers prefer using not one, but two finder devices to help aim their telescope accurately. For instance, using a magnified optical finder scope along with a non-magnifying reflex sight is very common thanks to the different aiming benefits offered by both designs. Our Dual Finder Scope Mounting Bracket makes it easy to use two different aiming devices on one telescope.

Since most telescope optical tubes are equipped with a single dovetail mounting base for a finder, hobbyists who wish to use two finder devices usually have to consider drilling a fresh set of holes into the telescope tube (and possibly voiding the telescope's warranty) in order to securely attach a second aiming device. Well, back away from the workbench and leave those tools where they are, because the Orion Dual Finder Scope Mounting Bracket lets you use two different aiming devices without having to hassle with drilling holes in your precious telescope tube. Since the Dual Finder Scope Mounting Bracket features two separate dovetail mounting base platforms on a single-stalk bracket, it allows two aiming devices to be mounted on a telescope equipped with a single dovetail base - no drilling required!

The Orion Dual Finder Scope Mounting Bracket can be used to attach many different combinations of two devices to your telescope. For example, you could install a 9x50 finder scope on one side, and an EZ Finder II reflex sight on the other to utilize both a magnified and non-magnified aiming device to help point your telescope towards interesting celestial objects. This is an especially popular combination since many straight-through optical finders yield a reversed left-to-right, right-to-left view, whereas a reflex sight doesn't reverse the orientation of stars and objects in its viewing window. With this combination, you can use the reflex sight to turn your telescope towards a recognizable asterism in the sky; then use the reversed, but brighter and more detailed view in the magnified optical finder to fine-tune the aim of your telescope.

With the Dual Finder Scope Mounting Bracket, you can also use one side to attach an Orion SkyLine Green Laser Pointer Bracket and a different aiming device on the other side. Or, you could use one side to attach a right-angle finder scope and install a straight-through finder scope on the other side if you enjoy utilizing both designs to navigate your telescope around the starry sky. With so many potential combinations, you can mix and match pairs of different aiming tools to find out which two devices work best for you and your telescope setup.

Astrophotographers who use an autoguider to enhance tracking accuracy will surely appreciate the Orion Dual Finder Scope Mounting Bracket. Since both the Orion Mini 50mm Guide Scope and Orion Deluxe Mini 50mm Guide Scope with Helical Focuser (both sold separately) are equipped with a dovetail mounting bracket, they can be easily installed in the Dual Finder Scope Mounting Bracket. This allows you to attach an aiming tool in addition to the Guide Scope without any hassles. You can enjoy auto-guided accuracy in your astrophotos, and also be able to visually confirm tracking accuracy whenever you wish!

The dovetail foot of the Dual Finder Scope Mounting Bracket is compatible with most Orion telescopes, and also works with our Dovetail Bases for Finder Scopes (sold separately), which can be installed on any brand of telescope. The Dual Finder Scope Mounting Bracket is perhaps the best way to use two aiming devices on refractors, Schmidt-Cassegrain and Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes, since it can be very difficult to add a second dovetail base to these optical tube designs.

By allowing easy attachment of two separate aiming devices, the Dual Finder Scope Mounting Bracket presents an affordable way to double the aiming efficiency of your telescope. Once you use the Orion Dual Finder Scope Mounting Bracket, you'll never go back to using a single telescope aiming device again!

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