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Orion SkyQuest XX16g GoTo Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope

SKU: 08968

Orion SkyQuest XX16g GoTo Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope-Telescope-Jacobs Photo and Digital

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About this product

  • Our 16" truss-tube GoTo Dob presents a perfect combination of big-aperture optics and sophisticated, fully motorized object-location technology for the ultimate in Dobsonian telescope performance and observing convenience
  • A big, 16" aperture telescope designed for maximum portability - both the optical tube and Dobsonian base can be broken down quickly without tools into easily manageable components for convenient transport in any standard size car
  • Features accurate, motorized GoTo pointing and tracking of over 42,000 celestial objects within its GoTo system database, and enough aperture for great views of each one
  • Closed-loop electronics forgive accidental bumps and allow the telescope to be moved manually without losing alignment of the GoTo system. Heavy-duty clutches on both axes allow independent adjustment of motion to the desired level of resistance
  • The XX16g now comes Wi-Fi enabled, which means it can be controlled wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet instead of with the SynScan hand controller. Just download the FREE SynScan Pro app to your iOS or Android device to enjoy wireless GoTo control.

What's in the box:

  • XX16g reflector optical tube lower section
  • XX16g reflector optical tube upper section
  • Optical tube dust covers (one for each tube section)
  • DeepView 28 mm eyepiece, 2"
  • Eyepiece extension adapter, 2"
  • Illuminated 12.5 mm Plössl eyepiece, 1.25"
  • EZ Finder II reflex sight
  • Collimation cap
  • Eyepiece rack
  • 2 Eyepiece rack wood screws (20 mm long, colour black)
  • Set of hex keys
  • Tube connecting knob
  • SynScan AZ GoTo Hand controller
  • Hand controller cable (coiled)
  • Azimuth motor connection cable
  • 12V DC power cable
  • Hand controller bracket (with 2 mounting screws)
  • 3 Counterweight mounting bolts (XX14g, XX16g)
  • Parabolic primary mirror (XX14g and XX16g, convex back) and support cell
  • Mirror support cell
  • 3 Collimation knobs
  • 3 Nylon washers (3/4" outer diameter)
  • 3 Springs
  • 4 Truss pole pair assemblies
  • GoTo Dobsonian Base with pre-installed motors
  • Carrying handles for base (x2)
  • Assembly hardware
  • 9 Counterweights, 2.2 lbs. each
  • Starry Night Special Edition astronomy software download card

Our largest Dobsonian reflector yet is an ideal combination of three key telescope features: large aperture, convenient portability, and precise GoTo object location. Thanks to its 16" aperture parabolic primary mirror, the Orion SkyQuest XX16g GoTo Truss Tube Dobsonian will astound you with spectacular views of the night sky. Its Orion-designed collapsible Dobsonian base and 8-pole truss optical tube makes transportation of this hefty telescope easy since the entire telescope can be disassembled without tools into small, manageable component pieces that can fit in virtually any standard size car. You'll be able to enjoy the XX16g's large-aperture optics thanks to the accurate, motorized GoTo system which will automatically locate and track any of over 42,000 celestial curiosities within its computerized database of night sky objects.

The powerful, high-tech, and downright BIG SkyQuest XX16g 16" GoTo Truss Tube Dobsonian takes deep-sky observing to new space-penetrating depths. It is the latest and largest in our line of fully automatic GoTo truss tube Dobsonians. For serious amateur astronomers seeking big-aperture exhilaration, state-of-the-art GoTo electronics, and a clever Dobsonian design that is transportable in almost any size vehicle -- the XX16g is an ideal "lifetime" telescope!

Wait, you're thinking, it fits in almost any size vehicle? Yes, you can take this big telescope with you, because both the Dobsonian base and optical tube of the XX16g were engineered by Orion to quickly disassemble - without tools - into easily manageable components, the heaviest of which (base groundplate assembly) weighs 61.4 lbs.

Truss Tube Dob Chart

Both the 16"-diameter (406 mm), lightweight parabolic primary mirror and 91mm minor-axis secondary mirror of the SkyQuest XX16g are made of low-expansion glass and feature enhanced 94% reflectivity aluminum coatings for optimal observing performance. The XX16g delivers a giant 77% jump in light grasp compared to a 12" Dobsonian reflector, and even a sizeable 30% gain over a 14" aperture telescope! Those elusive celestial objects you once considered "faint fuzzies" won't be nearly so faint or so fuzzy through the SkyQuest XX16g GoTo Truss Tube Dobsonian! You'll enjoy views that simply cannot be seen in smaller telescopes.

The lightweight primary mirror cools more efficiently than standard flat-back parabolic mirrors, thanks to its thin, curved-back design. The primary mirror is held in place by an open-ventilation mirror cell which also helps the mirror to acclimate quickly. This special mirror cell features three large knurled knobs for easy collimation adjustments, and can accommodate an optional 12V Three Fan Cooling System (sold separately) for even faster temperature equilibration.

While the XX16g is easy to disassemble for convenient portability, once it's assembled it is a very solid telescope. The rigid 8-pole truss tube provides great structural rigidity of the optical tube and virtually eliminates flexure that can affect 6- and 3-pole designs. The XX16g GoTo Dobsonian base utilizes thick, 1" composite wood panels for extra-strong support, and features perpendicular struts that brace the side panels when assembled for rock-solid performance. All base boards are laminated with water-resistant melamine.

The XX16g's SynScan GoTo system includes a database of over 42,000 celestial objects. Dual optical encoders and servo motors in each axis pinpoint any object you select with the backlit hand controller and track its motion. The closed-loop electronics let you slew the telescope by hand if desired, while still maintaining the GoTo alignment. Heavy-duty clutch knobs on both axes can be adjusted to the desired level of resistance.

Now all SkyQuest XTg and XXg GoTo Dobsonian telescopes - including this one - come Wi-Fi enabled, which means they can be controlled wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet instead of with the cabled SynScan hand controller! Just download the FREE SynScan Pro app to your iOS or Android device to enjoy wireless GoTo control! The SynScan Pro app is not a planetarium program, but rather provides similar intuitive menus and functions as the SynScan hand controller. Once you go wireless, you may never go back to "cable" again!

If you were to point the XX16g Dobsonian optical tube straight up, the telescope eyepiece would be positioned 72-3/8" (6.03') above the ground. Of course, during most observing sessions the eyepiece will be considerably lower than this maximum height, but no matter where you point the XX16g at night, you're sure to be astonished by the bright, sharply detailed views this amazing telescope provides.

The SkyQuest XX16g comes equipped with a 2" dual-speed Crayford focuser with 1.25" adapter, and includes a 28mm 2" DeepView eyepiece and a 12.5 mm illuminated reticle eyepiece for precise GoTo system alignment. Other accessories include an EZ Finder II reflex sight, eyepiece rack, GoTo hand controller bracket, 12V DC power cable, and RS-232 cable for firmware updates. A 12V field battery or AC-to-DC adapter (sold separately) is required for motorized operation.

An optional Light Shroud for the optical tube is also available and highly recommended (Light Shroud sold separately). Keep your XX16g optical tube safe and clean during transport or storage with the recommended optional Case Set (sold separately).

It's a BIG telescope you can take anywhere! Get the Orion SkyQuest XX16g and enjoy jaw-dropping views of the night sky in a big yet pleasantly portable GoTo Dobsonian telescope.

Assembled weight (including accessories): 195 lbs. Assembled optical tube, 68" long, 69 lbs., including six counterweights, 1.25" eyepiece, and EZ Finder II. Bottom tube section without counterweights: 49.7 lbs. Upper tube section without accessories: 11.4 lbs. Truss pole assemblies: 7.9 lbs. Counterweights (9 x 2.2 lbs): 19.8 lbs. Base groundplate assembly: 61.4 lbs. Base left side panel: 26.4 lbs. Base right side panel: 12.3 lbs. Base front panel: 4.8 lbs. Assembled base dimensions: diameter 33.25", height 32.5". EZ finder and 2" DeepView 28mm eyepiece: 1.0 lbs.

Media Buzz
BBC Sky at Night magazine, June 2013
"Due to their sheer size, large-aperture commercial Dobsonians often present practical difficulties ...Orion's XX16g overcomes many of these difficulties with an innovative design that enables it to be broken down into smaller and lighter parts."

"One of the best features of this scope is the GoTo system, which allows the scope to automatically seek out any object you select from the handset's database. The motors continue to smoothly track the object once centered."

"The XX16g's innovative design features enhance the appeal of owning a large Dobsonian and we expect to see several at this year's UK star parties."

WARNING! When using a truss tube Dobsonian telescope for solar observing, always use a Light Shroud and a properly sized solar filter. When you install the Light Shroud make certain there are no gaps between the Shroud and the telescope where direct sunlight can reach the telescope mirror. When a truss tube telescope (equipped with a solar filter but no Light Shroud) is pointing near (not at) the Sun, direct sunlight can hit the mirror and focus on the solar filter or other portions of the telescope. This can lead to eye injury or damage to the telescope. Using a Light Shroud protects your telescope from peripheral sunlight.

Before using any telescope for solar observing, make sure to install all dustcaps or other protective covers on all optical components such as finder scopes to keep sunlight from passing through them. Glancing through an uncovered optical system, even for an instant, can cause permanent eye damage. Always install protective caps on all optical instruments if left out during daylight hours.

Meets or exceeds all California State Environmental Quality & Safety Regulations (CARB 93120 Phase 2 Compliant).

  • Best for viewing
    Fainter deep sky

  • Best for imaging
    Lunar & planetary

  • Advanced

  • Reflector

  • 1800mm

  • f/4.4

  • Parabolic

  • Low thermal expansion glass

  • Eyepieces
    DeepView 28.0mm (2"),Plossl 12.5mm (1.25")

  • Magnification with included eyepieces
    64x, 144x

  • 0.29arc*sec

  • Highest theoretical magnification

  • Diffraction limited

  • Finder scope
    EZ Finder II

  • Focuser
    2" dual-speed Crayford

  • Secondary mirror obstruction

  • Secondary mirror obstruction by diameter

  • Secondary mirror obstruction by area

  • Mirror coatings/over-coatings
    Enhanced Aluminum & Silicon Dioxide

  • Mount type

  • Simple moon shots

  • Alignment procedure
    2-Star alignment

  • Number of objects in database

  • Bearing material
    AZ: Thrust needle bearings ALT: Ball bearings

  • Power requirement
    12-volt DC (tip positive)

  • Setting circles
    Electronic, via the hand controller

  • Tube material

  • Tripod material

  • Weight, optical tube
    89.8 lbs.

  • Weight, mount/tripod
    105.0 lbs.

  • Weight, fully assembled
    195.0 lbs.

  • Additional included accessories
    2" Dual-Speed Crayford focuser w/ 1.25" adapter, 12V DC power cable, Quick-collimation cap

  • Other features
    Closed loop servo drive GoTo system, Collapsible base for convenient transportation, Built-in Wi-Fi for control via smartphone app

  • One year

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