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Orion StarShoot Mini 6.3mp Color Imaging Camera

SKU: 51883

Orion StarShoot Mini 6.3mp Color Imaging Camera
Orion StarShoot Mini 6.3mp Color Imaging Camera
Orion StarShoot Mini 6.3mp Color Imaging Camera

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The new Orion StarShoot Mini cameras have arrived! We've taken some of the technology of our popular large format series cameras like the G10 and G16, and miniaturized them for affordability and convenience. The StarShoot Mini 6.3mp Color Imaging Camera is built around the Sony IMX 178 color CMOS chip, featuring a very sensitive (78% QE) one-shot color 14-bit CMOS sensor with a 1/1.8" format chip at 3040x2048 pixels.

This extremely sensitive chip works well both for planetary and deep-sky imaging. First, the USB 3.0 port allows incredibly fast data transfer (up to 5 Gbit/second), meaning in video mode you can grab planetary video at a rate of up to 59 frames per second at full resolution, and up to 150+ fps when sub framing. Stacking hundreds of images together is the best way to get the finest details possible on planetary surfaces, and the Starshoot Mini excels at this type of imaging. But why stop there? The sensitivity and long exposure capability of this chip means you can also image deep-sky objects and pull in all sorts of faint detail. Even without an active cooler, the noise level of this chip is quite low, so stacking multiple long exposures together will result in a high-quality deep-sky image. In fact, if you're interested in trying your hand at EAA (Electronically Assisted Astronomy) imaging, this camera is ideal. Stacking hundreds of short exposures in semi-real time will allow you to see faint objects in ways your own eyeballs just can't reproduce.

The camera also includes a built in ST-4 port for guiding, so feel free to convert this into an autoguider while your DSLR or other astro camera images the sky. A standard ST-4 style guide cable is included and will work with any mount that utilizes an ST-4 guide port (including the Orion SVP Go-To, Sirius, Atlas, and HDX lines of mounts).

The camera is compatible with Win 8/10/11 as well as ASCOM compatible. This means it can be controlled from most all dedicated astro-imaging software programs on the market, which will really unlock the full potential of the StarShoot Mini camera. Includes USB 3.0 cable, guide cable, and 1.25" nosepiece.

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