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Samyang Lens 24mm F3.5 Mf Tilt Shift Ed As Umc Canon Ef Camera Lens

SKU: SY885175

Samyang Lens 24mm F3.5 Mf Tilt Shift Ed As Umc Canon Ef Camera Lens

Samyang Lens 24mm F3.5 Mf Tilt Shift Ed As Umc Canon Ef Camera Lens

SKU: SY885175

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Samyang's Optical Technology Produces Soft Blurring Images The Samyang T-s 24mm F3.5 Ed As Umc Is a Wide-angle Full-frame Lens Fitted With The Perspective Control And Tilt-shift Functions. Its Unique Optical And Mechanical Construction Makes It An Ideal Tool For Architecture And Landscape Photography. The Product Is Extremely Useful To Correct Convergence Of Lines And Perspective Control. The Optical Tilt Mechanisms Enable Precise Control Of Depth Of Focus Along With Perspective Control Which Can Also Be Used For Creative Photography And Perspective Exaggeration Enabling Photographers To Shape The Image According To Their Individual Needs. Suitable For Both Digital And Analogue Film Formats. Optical Design Of The Samyang T-s 24mm F3.5 Ed As Umc Comprises Sixteen Elements Arranged In Eleven Groups Including Two Aspherical Lenses And Two Extra Dispersion (Ed) Lenses. These Elements Enable The Lens To Perfectly Reproduce Details And Provide Superior Optical Performance Even When Using The Tilt And Shift (T-s) Functions. Furthermore, Each Optical Component Has Been Covered With Multi-layered Anti-reflective Umc Coatings Which Provide Superb Light Transmission High Contrast And Natural Colours. With Sophisticated Optics And Developed T-s Function The Samyang T-s 24mm F3.5 Ed As Umc Is Currently One Of The Most Advanced Lenses Produced By Samyang Optics. The Mount Rotation Lever Enables As a Combined Unit The Tilt And Shift Sections To Be Rotated Right Up To 90 Degrees (With 30-degree Adjustment). The Tilt Rotation Lever Enables The Tilt Section To Independently Rotate Left By 90 Degrees (With 30-degree Adjustment). Filter Size Is 82mm. Tilt/shift: You Can Produce Images With Exaggerated Perspectives By Adjusting The Light Of Sight Which Is Unique To The Tilt-shift Lens. The Depth Of Focus Can Be Also Adjusted To Take Photos With a Feeling Of Inch Miniature Inch. This Is a Unique And Mechanical Lens Ideal For Architecture And Landscapes. Aspherical Lens: With Minimal Spherical Aberration And Distortion You Can Take Pictures With Incredible Precision. Minimized Flare And Ghost Effects With Ultra Multi Coating: By Reducing The Impact Of Flares And Ghosting Effects In Your Pictures While Ensuring Excellent Image Quality And Contrast From The Centre To The Periphery It Offers Crystal Clear Sharp Image Quality. Smooth Focus Ring: Smooth Focusing Ensures Precise Control And Produces Images With Incredible Sharpness Making It The Ideal Choice For Indoor And Night Shooting.

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