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Samyang Lens 85mm F1.4 Mf As Umc If Ae Nikon F Camera Lens

SKU: SY881214

Samyang Lens 85mm F1.4 Mf As Umc If Ae Nikon F Camera Lens

Samyang Lens 85mm F1.4 Mf As Umc If Ae Nikon F Camera Lens

SKU: SY881214

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Experience Soft Yet Unique And Stylish Bokeh One Of The Bestselling Lenses At Samyang Optics! This Latest Samyang 85mm F1.4 As If Umc Aspherical Lenses Also Feature New Umc (Ultra Multi Coatings) Which Aid The Very High Level Of Light Transmission And Adds Further Resistance To Flare And Ghosting. The 85mm F1.4 Lenses Are Manual Focus Primes Designed To Give Exceptional Results At Wide Apertures. At F1.4 Great Images Can Be Obtained Which Is Perfect For Portraiture And Low Light Shooting. The Samyang 85mm Is Also Suited To Cropped Sensors Including Aps-c / Dx Sensors It Gives Approximately 120mm Focal Length Equivalent. Coupled With The Fast F1.4 Aperture Gives An Excellent Portrait Lens For Tighter Head Shots Or Working From a Distance With Cropped Sensor Cameras Or For Shooting In Various Low Light Conditions. The Bokeh (The Character Of The Out-of-focus Blur) Is a Primary Concern For Professionals Choosing An Ultra Large Aperture Lens For Shallow Depth-of-field Photography. The Samyang 85mm F1.4 Lens Design Offers Excellent Bokeh Quality Of Out-of-focus Highlights When Used Near Wide Open Such As At F1.4 And F2. The Lens Optical Construction Comprises Of 9 Lenses Divided Into 7 Optical Groups With One Aspheric Lens Element. The Samyang 85mm Is Designed With Internal Focusing (If) Meaning The Lens Does Not Increase In Size When Focusing. A Further Positive Aspect To Internal Focusing Is That The Lens Is Much Less Likely To Get Dust Inside. The Samyang 85 Mm F1.4 Lens Should Be a Serious Consideration To All Professional Or Amateur Photographers In Need Of a Fast Yet Intricate Prime Lens At a Reasonable Price. Supplied With Front And Rear Lens Caps Lens Hood And a Soft Lens Pouch. Filter Size 72mm Bright F1.4 Aperture With a Bright Aperture Of F1.4 It Maintains Shutter Speed In Indoor And Low Light Conditions And Ensures Instant Response While Creating An Out-of-focus Effect To Make The Subject Stand Out. Aspherical Lens With Minimal Spherical Aberration And Distortion, You Can Take Pictures With Incredible Precision. Minimized Flare And Ghost Effects With Ultra Multi Coating By Reducing The Impact Of Flares And Ghosting Effects In Your Pictures While Ensuring Excellent Image Quality And Contrast From The Centre To The Periphery It Offers Crystal Clear Sharp Image Quality. Beautiful Bokeh With 8 Aperture Blades Featuring 8 Rounded Blades It Adds An Artistic Touch To Your Pictures And Creates a Sense Of Soft Dimension With Incredible Bokeh Perfect For Out-of-focus Portraits And Night City Landscapes.

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