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Skylab Stereo Profesional Zoom Microscope


Skylab Stereo Profesional Zoom Microscope

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About this product

This is a professional zoom microscope for when the flexibility of movement and zoom options are required.

It features an arm system to offer unparalleled viewing options. Full 360-degree rotation with a 45-degree incline.

The Binocular Stereo head provides sharp images over a very large FOV. It also has some comfort options such as a+/-5dp diopter adjustment and 55-75mm interpupillary distance adjustment making everyday use a pleasure.

Lens Specifications:

Eyepieces: WF 10X

Objective lens: ZOOM 1X~4X

Magnification: 10x - 40x

Note: The pictured product may differ very slightly in terms of colour and basic shape around the eyepieces

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