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Nikon P900 The Superking Superzoom review

Posted by Austin Carl Mason on


This Superzoom giant stands out amongst all of the superzoom cameras. This fixed lens camera contains Nikon's ED glass. This lens has a maximum optical focal of 2000mm which is insane for a camera of any sort but, what undermines this incredible zoom range is the 16 megapixel sensor. The 83x zoom range is by far the most impressive feature and what backs up this special feature is the fantastic image stabilisation that helps you to get that amazing shot. The twin dial controls makes the manual function. worth while. There are a few downsides though, like the inability to shoot in raw format and the very aggressive noise reduction within the really high ISO range, considering that the sensor size is incredibly tiny (1 / 2.3 inches), the Nikon P900 performs really well amongst other superzoom cameras.


Comparing this to a spotting scope, it seems kind of silly to not go for this camera as you get the benefits of video recording and an auto focus system, of course there is the battery life to consider but above that this would out-perform any spotting scope in its price range just with the capabilities to record HD video as well take photos of objects you'd need something that requires a telescope or spotting scope to see.

We tried out the Leica Televid 77 and the Olympus E-M10 we have in store, compared the zoom range of that combination and the P900, but we couldn't get close to that 2000mm equivalent that the P900 has. With this camera you will get closer to that far subject and all I can personally say is wow.

Obviously the image quality coming from the leica spotting scope and olympus camera body but think of it this way; do you want something affordable or do you want to break your bank account?


With this you could easily fill the frame with a plane that is approximately 20,000ft in the air.

(Nikon P900 @ 357mm (2000mm for Full Frame), plane at approx. 19,000ft)

I recommend to those shooting the stars or shooting birds/wildlife, if you do not want to carry a bulky DSLR and Lens, this will get your shots nicely.


Down below are some sample images, demonstrating the zoom power of the P900.

(Nikon P900 @ 4.3mm)

(Nikon P900 @ 26.8mm)

(Nikon P900 @ 357mm


Written by Austin Mason, Jacobs Photo and Digital

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