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Telescope Collimation Service

Keep your reflector or SCT telescope in top optical condition

Telescope Collimation Service

Most reflectors and SCTs will need collimating occasionally. Collimating can be tricky and time consuming, if you don't have the time or the tools to collimate your scope yourself we offer collimation as a service at our Birkenhead retail shop

Collimation is performed on-site at our retail store by our staff. It's $184 inc ($160+GST) per telescope and the collimation is normally completed within a week. In most cases, we don't require any telescope mountings (If your telescope is 11" or bigger, please bring in the mountings) or accessories to perfom the collimation. If your telescope needs a collimation, please contact us by clicking on the below button or simply bring the telescope OTA into our retail store on the North Shore.

Does my Telescope Need Collimation?


Is your Telescope not as sharp as it used to be? Are you having issues with focusing and finding that it generally doesn't look right? Then maybe it's time for a collimation.

Reflectors have two mirrors, a primary and a secondary that need to be aligned for the telescope to focus corrected.

If you are seeing the below when looking at a star either in-focus or out of focus your reflector telescope requires collimation.


Cassegrain Telescopes are sturdier and require less collimation than reflectors but like any highly tuned machine, will require maintenance at some point. Knowing if your Cassegrain telescope is out of collimation is easy. If you de-focus a star and the black circle in the middle is not in the center, it's time for a collimation.

Please have a look at the below image, when you de-focus a star, you should see the image on the left. If your seeing the image on the right your scope requires collimation.


Unfortunately we are no longer offering optical repairs at this time.