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Digital Microscopes

Celestron Handheld Digital Pro Microscope

The Celestron Handheld Digital Microscope Pro is an easy-to-use, low-power microscope with a 5.0 MP sensor for capturing photos and video of your discoveries. At...

  • $339.00
  • Celestron Analogue and Digital Basic Microscope Kit

    Biological microscope with powers from 40x to 600x Zoom eyepiece from 10x to 20x; 4x, 15x, 30x objective lenses Top and bottom electric illumination Includes...

  • $199.00
  • Carson eFlex 75/x300x Digital LED w/Flex Neck Stand and Base Microscope

    The Carson MM-840 eFlex is a powerful digital microscope that displays the magnified image right on your computer screen. The impressive 75x/300x magnification allows you...

    In stock

  • $219.00
  • Celestron LCD Digital II Microscope

    OVERVIEW: Professional digital biological microscope Full color 3.5" TFT LCD screen with onboard software Built-in 5MP digital camera captures high-resolution images and 30fps SD video...

    In stock

  • $799.99
  • OMAX 40x-2500x w/ Built-In 3.0mp Digital Compound Microscope

    This digital compound binocular biological microscope allows for viewing through the eyepieces and use of the digital camera simultaneously, no need to compromise. It includes...

  • $1,642.45
  • Konus Digiscience 10x-300x Microscope

    The Konus Digiscience 10x-300x Zoom Microscope is a true evolution in the microscope category since it works as both a biological and stereoscopical microscope to observe at the same time...

  • $419.00
  • Celestron TetraView LCD Digital Microscope

    The professional-level Celestron TetraView LCD Digital Microscope is a touchscreen LCD microscope with advanced features at a reasonable price. TetraView features four fully achromatic lens...

    In stock

  • $1,299.00
  • Celestron Deluxe Handheld Digital Microscope

    The intermediate-level Celestron Deluxe Handheld Digital Microscope is an easy-to-use, low-power microscope. With powers of 10x to 200x, it’s ideal for viewing stamps, coins, bugs,...

  • $274.99
  • Omax 40x-2000x Compound Microscope w/ 1.3mp Camera and Accessories

    This microscope is both a digital and analogue in it's use. It has a built-in USB camera as well as an optical binocular head for...

  • $1,529.53
  • Celestron MicroDirect 1080P HDMI Handheld Digital Microscope

    Celestron's MicroDirect 1080P HDMI Handheld Digital Microscope is a compact magnifying tool that offers handheld and stand-mounted operating options. Using the included wide stand, you can...

  • $674.99
  • Konus Microclip 3 in 1 Modular Microscope - Damaged Box

    Product boxes have significant damage; however, the microscope itself is undamaged. Each product has been checked. The lenses of this model require a clean before...

    In stock

  • $59.00
  • Omax 40x-2500x Trinocular Compound Microscope w/ LED Illumination + 18MP USB 3.0 Camera

    Key Features 40X to 2500X expanded magnification range using high-quality, color-coded objective lenses, and 10X and 25X eyepieces for six unique settings ideal for viewing...

  • $2,599.00
  • Omax 40-2500x Trinocular Phase Contrast Microscope w/ 5mp camera

    Super speed 5MP USB 3.0 digital camera with 0.5X reduction lens and 0.01mm calibration slide Phase-contrast microscope system for viewing live cell cycle One NA1.25...

  • $3,367.05
  • Celestron LCD Digital II Microscope - No Box

    This product does not come with a glossy box but is otherwise new.  OVERVIEW: Professional digital biological microscope Full color 3.5" TFT LCD screen with...

  • $629.00
  • BeaverLAB M1A Smart Digital Wireless Microscope

    Overview: The BeaverLab M1A Digital Microscope is a very user-friendly and versatile handheld magnifier which offers seamless connectivity to your phone or tablet via an...

  • $449.00
  • Omax 40X-3000x Trinocular Phase Contrast Microscope + 18MP Camera

    Key Features 40X to 3000X magnification range using brightfield objective lenses, and 100X to 3000X magnification using phase-contrast objective lenses. All lenses are achromatically corrected...

  • $8,308.18
  • Omax 40X-2500X 5mp 9.7" Touchpad Trinocular Microscope

    Key Features: The digital display system includes a 5MP camera and a 9.7-inch touchscreen display Replaceable 3W LED transmitted light with adjustable intensity Kohler illumination...

  • $4,037.73
  • Omax 40x-2000x Infinity Phase Contrast Microscope w/ 14mp USB 3.0 Camera

    14MP super speed USB 3.0 digital microscope camera with software Infinity phase contrast kit including turret-mounted annular disk condenser assembly and 4 PLAN phase contrast...

  • $6,634.90
  • Omax 40x-3000x Infinity Phase Contrast Lab Microscope w/ 10mp Camera

    This superior quality OMAX microscope is designed for advanced life science research using the phase contrast low contrast microscopy technique and includes a super speed...

  • $8,000.22
  • Amscope 40X-1500X Trinocular Inverted Infinity-corrected Phase-contrast Microscope with Koehler Illumination + 18MP USB 3.0 Camera

    The inverted format is a stable, ergonomic platform for cell cultures, multi-well plates, and larger specimen containers. Five plan-achromatic objective lenses and two sets of...

  • $13,699.00
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