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Rain Monitoring Stations

Aercus Instruments - Wireless Professional Rain Gauge with In/Out Temperature

High quality professional wireless self emptying rain gauge with indoor and outdoor temperature display.  The unit displays current, hourly, last 24 hours and total rain...

In stock

  • $80.00
  • La Crosse Digital Rain Monitor with Indoor Temperature

    Numeric measurements are monitored on the digital indoor base including historical data and a cylinder rain graph. Wide-mouth rain bucket self-empties from collection and transmits...

    In stock

  • $80.66
  • La Crosse 724-1415BL Digital Rain Gauge with Backlight

    Know how much rain you got overnight on the new digital wireless rain station. Numeric measurements are monitored on the digital indoor base including historical...

  • $126.33
  • La Crosse Wireless Self-Emptying Rain Bucket

    WS-9005TWC-IT wireless rain gauge displays rain fall for the last 24 hours and the total rain fall until the unit is reset.  The rain bucket...

  • $55.00
  • La Crosse View Connected Rain Sensor

    LTV-R2 Rain Sensor for use with for use with La Crosse View Connected range of weather stations.Features: Self-Emptying Rain Gauge 27.5 Square Inch Rain Collector Secure Locking...

  • $46.77
  • La Crosse View Connected Rain Gauge

    LTV-R1 LT View - Connected Rain Gauge for use with La Crosse View Connected V22-WRTH La Crosse 724-2310 Features: Rain Gauge Weather Resistant Specifications: Rainfall...

    In stock

  • $43.23