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Boating and Marine Binoculars

Bushnell Marine 7x50 Waterproof Binocular

"Used by the NZ Navy!" Built to withstand extreme nautical environments. And float in them. We suggest you keep them on board, but made our...

In stock

  • $407.98
  • Steiner Marine 7x50 Binocular

    The perfect, first pair of quality, water-going binoculars for enthusiasts who want the most performance for their money 7x Magnification is the marine standard, with...

    In stock

  • $549.99
  • Fujinon Techno-Stabi TSX-1440 14x40 Stabilised Binocular - Black, Yellow or Navy Blue

    Building off the success of the 14x40 TSN binocular, the Fujinon 14x40 TSX1440 Techno-Stabi Image-Stabilized Binocular gets an upgrade with a wider stabilization range of ±6°, a...

    In stock

  • $2,125.00
  • $2,499.00 You save: $374.00
  • Tasco OffShore 10x42 Porro Binocular

    Water can cause havoc with most optics, but it won't phase Tasco OffShore binoculars. Water and fog can't penetrate them - rubber o-rings seal nitrogen-purged...

    In stock

  • $279.99
  • Konus Abyss 7X50 Waterproof Marine Binocular

    Take your boating expeditions to the next level using the waterproof Konus Abyss 7x50 Marine Binocular. These binoculars possess all the right characteristics that you want...

    In stock

  • $248.99
  • Fujinon Techno-Stabi TS-1440 14x40 Stabilised Binocular

    5ø Stabilisation Waterproof & Fogproof Phase-Coated BaK-4 Roof Prisms 4.0ø Angle of View Full Fujinon EBC Multicoatings Built-In Handgrip Strap Optional Eyepiece Filters Uses 4...

    In stock

  • $1,999.00
  • Fujinon 7x50 WPC-XL Mariner w/ Compass Binocular

    The great performing Fujinon 7x50 WPC-XL Mariner Binocular with compass is an excellent boating binocular equipped with a compass. It has multi coated lenses, a tough polycarbonate...

    In stock

  • $558.00
  • Fujinon 7X50 FMTR-SX Polaris Binocular

    If you're truly looking for the best when it comes to optical equipment, the Fujinon 7X50 FMTR-SX Polaris Binoculars are an ideal choice for your...

    In stock

  • $1,278.00
  • Bushnell H20 2 7x50 Binocular

    Waterproof construction with fully multi-coated optics for enhanced contrast and resolution. Porro prism design for more light efficiency and better contrast.The ultimate on-the-water viewing companions....

    In stock

  • $266.98
  • Steiner Navigator 7x50 Binocular

    The Navigator Binoculars take Steiner's popular marine series to the next generation with innovative product features. The new open-bridge design enhances handling and a textured...

    In stock

  • $998.99
  • Kowa BD II 6.5x32 XD Binocular

    Kowa BD II 6.5x32 XD Key Specifications Perfect for butterflies, insects, dragonflies and flowers 10-degree field of view 1.3m close focus Weighs only 535g XD...

    In stock

  • $615.00
  • Fujinon 7X50 WP-XL Mariner Binocular

    Getting a high quality pair of binoculars to take along when you start up the boat and head out on the water doesn't have to...

    In stock

  • $438.00
  • Steiner Navigator Pro 7x30 Binocular

    The new Navigator Pro series updates the Navigator 7x30 with the superior Navigator Pro 7x30. Steiner's renowned precision optics offer outdoor enthusiasts bright and clear...

    In stock

  • $699.98
  • Fujinon 7x50 FMTRC-SX Binocular

    Fujinon's Brightest Mil-Spec 7x50 Water & Fogproof Porro Prism 7.5° Angle of View Individual Focus Full Fujinon EBC Multi-Coatings Flat-Field, Distortion-Free Optics Internal Compass with...

    In stock

  • $1,488.99
  • Nikon Marine 7X50 CF Waterproof Binocular

    Gives you performance that you can count on The Nikon 7x50 CF WP Marine Binoculars are waterproof and weather resistance to give you performance that...

    In stock

  • $529.00
  • Gerber Nautica Floating + Compass 7x50 Binocular

    The Gerber Nautica 7×50 Waterproof Binoculars with in built compass are the perfect companion for use near water. Fully waterproof in design, these fantastic binoculars are...

  • $348.00
  • Fujinon 10x50 FMTR-SX Binocular

    The 10x50 FMTR-SX Polaris Binoculars are specifically for the discerning sport optic user who demands the utmost quality, lowest distortion, and brightest image possible. The individual focus...

    In stock

  • $1,497.00
  • Steiner Navigator 7x50c with Compass Binocular

    The Navigator Binoculars take Steiner's popular marine series to the next generation with innovative product features. The new open-bridge design enhances handling, along with a...

    In stock

  • $1,199.98
  • Steiner Commander 7x50 Binocular

    The new Commander series is unmatched in terms of technology and innovation. With its razor-sharp High-Definition-Optics and the optimum combination of functionality, ruggedness, precision and...

  • $2,698.99
  • Fujinon Techno-Stabi TS 12x28 WP (IPX7) Image-Stabilized Binocular

    Enjoy the high power of 12x magnification without having to use a tripod with the Fujinon 12x28 Techno-Stabi Waterproof Image-Stabilized Binoculars. With a vibration suppression range...

  • $1,499.00
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