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Surveying Equipment

Leica Disto D110 Laser Measuring System

The Leica DISTO™ D110 is world’s smallest laser distance meter with integrated Bluetooth® Smart technology. By using its precise measurements users can create floor plans...

In stock

  • $233.00
  • Leica Disto D510 Pointfinder

    Simple and precise targeting – Pointfinder with 4x zoomWith the Pointfinder, the Leica DISTO™ D510 takes measurements with perfect accuracy and in unfavorable light conditions....

    In stock

  • $864.00
  • Leica Disto Li-Ion Battery for D810 / S910


  • $149.00
  • Leica Disto TA360 Adapter

    This adapter is designed for use with the Leica Disto D5 and D8 devices, and enables them to be used to their full potential. By...

  • $300.00
  • Leica Disto Tri 100 Tripod

    The key benefit of a good tripod is its stability, robustness and the torsional rigidity. With this, durability is not the only argument for the...

  • $312.74
  • Leica Disto Target Plate GZM27

    The Leica GZM27 Disto Stick-On Target Plate is designed to mount on wall corners and is held in place with a reusable tacki-grip adhesive. It...

  • $76.67
  • Leica Disto Target Plate GZM26 210X297MM

    The Leica GZM26 Target Plate is a 2-sided target plate that aids in measurement of non-reflective surfaces. The grey side is intended for shorter distances...

  • $61.33
  • Leica Disto S910 Package inclu TRI120 Tripod, FTA360-S and hard case

    Leica DISTO™ S910 – Measure anything from anywhereMeasure fast and precise distances between any two points from one location with the laser distance meter Leica...

  • $2,999.00
  • Leica Disto X4 Laser Distance Meter

    Leica DISTO X4 unit only – Designed for bright, outdoor environments The DISTO X4 is specifically designed to make high-precision outdoor measurements an easy task. It...

    In stock

  • $720.00
  • Leica Disto X3 Laser Distance Meter

    Leica DISTO X3 – Guaranteed tough for the more rugged side of life! The Leica DISTO X3 is designed to make indoor laser measurements an easy...

    In stock

  • $530.00
  • Leica Disto D1 Laser Measuring Tool

    The original. Simple, two-button operation. The Leica DISTO D1 is our most basic, easy-to-use laser distance meter for quick and accurate interior measurements. Range up to...

  • $152.00
  • Leica Disto D2

    After more than 8 years in production, it is time to say goodbye to the 7th generation of the Leica DISTO D2. At the time of its...

    In stock

  • $313.00
  • Leica Disto D510 EXT Package incl FTA360+

    This kit includes a D510, a TRI70 Tripod, Leica's patented FTA360 Fine Tune Adapter, and a hard case to keep it all safe and organized....

  • $1,783.00
  • Leica Disto S910 Laser Distance Meter

    Measure fast and precise distances between any two points from one location with the laser distance meter Leica DISTO™ S910. Create easily as-built documentation, calculate...

  • $2,380.50
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