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Telescope Accessories

Celestron NexYZ 3-Axis Universal Smartphone Adapter

Take Stills and Video through Eyepiece Use for Telescopes, Binoculars, Spotters Microscope and Smaller Optic Adapters Easy Spring-Clamp Installation with Lock Fits any Eyepiece from...

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  • $158.99
  • Celestron X-Cel LX Telescope Eyepieces

    X-Cel LX eyepieces, optimized for planetary viewing, offer a 60° field of view through a six-element fully multi-coated lens system Pop-up rubber eyeguards provide comfort...

  • $324.99
  • Konus Moon Filter

    A premium moon filter made by Konus. To protect your eyes from the powerful luminance of the moon that is lit by the incredibly bright...

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  • $34.90
  • Carson Hookupz 2.0 Universal Smartphone Adapter

    Using the Carson HookUpz 2.0, connect your smartphone to your preferred optic; binoculars, monocular, spotting scopes, telescopes, microscopes, borescopes, slit lamps, night vision and more!...

  • $188.99
  • Celestron 13 Piece 1.25" Eyepiece and Filter Accessory Kit

    This 1.25 Eyepiece & Filter Kit includes thirteen accessories that will add new life to your telescope and your observing! You'll get five quality Plossl...

  • $674.99
  • Celestron X-Cel LX 2x Barlow Lens

    Quality X-Cel LX 2x Barlow doubles the magnification of any 1.25 eyepiece. 3-element apochromatic, fully multi-coated optics offer up bright, sharp images. A rubber grip...

    In stock

  • $248.99
  • Celestron Astromaster Accessory Kit

    This economical eight-piece eyepiece and filter accessory kit enhances the performance of your Celestron AstroMaster, or nearly any other telescope. Includes two 1.25 eyepieces, a...

    In stock

  • $274.99
  • Celestron Luminos Eyepieces - All Sizes

    Celestron engineered their Luminos Eyepieces to provide you with a comfortable 82° field of view, and made the entire series parfocal, allowing you to change it out with...

    In stock

  • $449.99
  • Celestron 8-24mm 1.25" Zoom Eyepiece

    Zoom from low to high power in an instant with this versatile eyepiece. Compatible with any telescope that accepts 1.25 eyepieces. This fully multi-coated premium...

    In stock

  • $349.99
  • Skywatcher SynScan WiFi Adapter

    Introducing the SkyWatcher WiFi Adapter Give your Sky-Watcher GOTO mount WiFi capability with the brand new SkyWatcher Wifi Adapter.Connect the mount to the SynScan App...

    In stock

  • $178.99
  • Celestron Collimation Eyepiece

    The Celestron Cheshire Collimation Eyepiece is ideal for precise collimation of Newtonians and helpful for aligning Schmidt-Cassegrains The Celestron Cheshire Collimation Eyepiece is ideal for...

    In stock

  • $189.99
  • Celestron Sky Portal WiFi Module

    Align and control your telescope wirelessly using your smartphone or tablet and Celestrons free SkyPortal app for iOS and Android devices. Tap any celestial object...

  • $399.99
  • Celestron StarPointer Red-Dot Finderscope

    The Star Pointer Finderscope adds point and look functionality to any telescope! This red dot finder keeps the sky right-side up, matching what you see...

  • $64.99
  • Orion LaserMate Deluxe II Laser Collimator

    With the LaserMate Deluxe II Laser Collimator, you will get dead-on alignment (a.k.a., collimation) of your reflector telescope's primary and secondary mirrors quickly and consistently....

    In stock

  • $299.00
  • Celestron AC to DC Power Adapter 2 Amp

    Enjoy your telescope without batteries with this AC adapter! When using your telescope at home or near any wall outlet, you can enjoy hours of...

    In stock

  • $159.00
  • Orion Wagan AC to DC 5 amp Power Adapter

    The 5 Amp AC-to-12V DC Power Adapter has a high current rating (5 amps) making it the ideal choice to power 12 volt astronomy equipment....

    In stock

  • $199.00
  • SkyWatcher Solar Filter NEWTONIAN - All Sizes

    Please note: This filter is not suitable for collapsible models of Dobsonians. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the compatibility with your...

    In stock

  • $59.00
  • Orion 1.25" Variable Universal Camera Adapter

    The Orion 1.25" Variable Universal Camera Adapters allow attachment of a camera body to reflector and refractor telescopes for either prime-focus or telescope eyepiece-projection photography...

    In stock

  • $149.00
  • Celestron 1.25' Basic Smartphone Adapter

    Key Features For All Kinds of Optics and Microscopes Capture Photos & Video through Eyepiece Fast and Easy Installation and Use Fits Most Popular Smartphones...

    In stock

  • $69.99
  • Celestron Universal 2X Barlow and T-Adapter

    The Celestron Universal Barlow & T-Adapter is three accessories in one! 2X Barlow: Use during visual observing to double the magnification of every 1.25" eyepiece...

    In stock

  • $199.99