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Thermometer Stations

Aercus Instruments WS1173 - Desktop Wireless Weather Station

 The Aercus Instruments WS1173 is our most popular desktop wireless weather station and is perfect for those wanting the temperature, humidity, and forecasting capability of...

  • $68.99
  • Aercus Instruments - Wireless Professional Rain Gauge with In/Out Temperature

    High quality professional wireless self emptying rain gauge with indoor and outdoor temperature display.  The unit displays current, hourly, last 24 hours and total rain...

  • $80.00
  • Aercus Instruments WS2085N Wireless Weather Station

    Comes with FREE 29 page Beginner's Guide ebook "Trouble-Free Wireless Weather Station Setup and Maintenance - The Definitive Guide" The Aercus Instruments WS2085 is an...

    In stock

  • $280.00
  • TESA Desktop Wireless Thermometer

    TESA WS0200 Digital desktop wireless thermometer, support up to 3 sensors for extra location monitoring.WS0200 is a perfect gadget for any home and office. Calculates...

    In stock

  • $33.03
  • Aercus Instruments WeatherRanger® - Professional Weather Station with WiFi and Real-time Internet Publishing

    The Aercus Instruments™ WeatherRanger® is the new breed of weather station that combines sleek full colour TFT LCD technology with direct internet publishing, allowing data...

  • $498.99
  • $500.00 You save: $1.01
  • Aercus Instruments WeatherSleuth - Professional IP Weather Station with Real-time Internet Monitoring

      The Aercus Instruments™ WeatherSleuth® is at the leading edge of console-free direct to internet weather stations. The Aercus Instruments™ WeatherSleuth® is an Internet Protocol...

  • $318.99
  • TESA Thermo-Hygrometer

    TESA Weather Pro WS710 indoor and outdoor thermo-hygrometer.WS710 includes one remote thermo-hygrometer sensor, optional with up to 8 sensors (part number WH8) can be added...

  • $85.15
  • Aercus Instruments WS3085 Wireless Weather Station

    Comes with FREE 29 page Beginner's Guide ebook "Trouble-Free Wireless Weather Station Setup and Maintenance - The Definitive Guide" The Aercus Instruments WS3085 Weather Station is...

  • $378.99
  • Konus MeteoMax Weather Station

    These new weather stations stand out because of their innovative and modern design, highly readable display and a wide array of functions. they are an...

  • $69.00
  • La Crosse 38cm Thermometer with Key Hider

    This 15-inch (38cm) thermometer is mercury-free and weatherproof. Its large size offers easy reading of the temperature measurements. It features a secret key hider on...

  • $22.18
  • La Crosse Thermometer and Clock Station

    The La Crosse WS7033 Thermometer tells you the indoor and outdoor temperature via the attached receptor and the current time on a clear and accurate...

  • $41.00
  • La Crosse Wireless Thermometer

    This Wireless Temperature Station displays your real-time backyard temperature in large, easy-to-read digits. Monitor indoor and outdoor temperature with daily min/mix records, track temperature trends...

  • $79.63
  • La Crosse Color Thermometer Station

    The La Crosse 308-1415 wireless color temperature station is an inexpensive solution for anyone interested in just the temperature inside and outside without any other...

  • $101.01
  • La Crosse Wall Clock with Indoor Temperature

    WS8005 La Crosse Wall Clock with Indoor Temperature.WS8005 - User ManualsFeatures : 24 hour time display Time display: hour, minute, second Alarm setting with snooze...

  • $62.00