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Studio Equipment

Manfrotto 204Spk3 Spiked Foot Set For Tube D20/055

Manfrotto Stainless Steel Rubber Spike Feet Product Description Reversible rubber/metal spiked feet (set of 3) supplied with a dedicated fixing tool. The spike is made...

  • $66.99
  • Manfrotto 272B Adjustable Background Holder 298Cm

    This Manfrotto 272B Adjustable Background Holder is a 3-section telescoping pole that will support paper rolls from 3.7 - 9.0' in width. The pole length...

  • $197.99
  • Manfrotto 244Rc Variable Friction Arm W/Plate

    The Manfrotto Variable Friction Magic Arm with Quick Release is a fully articulated arm with 90° pivotable and 360° rotatable ends and an elbow that...

  • $414.99
  • Manfrotto 88 Adapter 3/8 To 1/4 Thread

    The Manfrotto 088 Female 1/4 inch -20 to Male 3/8 inch Thread Adapter is for use with light stands or tripods that have a top...

    In stock

  • $11.99
  • Manfrotto 062-2 2 Sect Bg Paper Counterweight

    The Manfrotto 062-2 Background Paper Counterweight helps to secure the tail end of a roll of background paper as it lays on the floor. It...

    In stock

  • $93.99
  • Manfrotto 041 L-brackets Set Of 2 Stand/mount

    Set of two brackets to use in combination with Super Clamp 035. Width: 15mm. used to support shelves glass Use in combination with Super Clamp...

  • $41.99
  • Manfrotto 037 Camera Stud Plugs Into Sup Stand/mount

    The must-have camera stud for your super clamp. Designed with high-quality brass Standard 9.5mm and 6.4mm screws for compatibility Easily slots into a super clamp...

    In stock

  • $16.99
  • Manfrotto 039 Set Of 2 Cross Bar Holders Stand/mount

    Set of two cross bar holders. Width: 40mm Set of 2 U-hooks Set of two cross bar holders Width: 40mm Ideal for cross poles when...

  • $29.99
  • Manfrotto 038 Double Super Clamp Stand/mount

    Super strong extra lightweight and totally versatile. Tripod clamps with90° fastening for extra strength Crafted from lightweight cast alloy Versatile enough for tubes between 13mm...

  • $168.99
  • Manfrotto 035c Universal Super Clamp Wit Stand/mount

    This universal clamp can be securely mounted on any tube from 13 to 45mm. Attachment is 5/8 inch hexagonal socket. Securely mounted on any tube...

  • $84.99
  • Manfrotto 035 Super Clamp Without Stud I Stand/mount

    They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery however you shouldn’t take any chances with your prized gear with anything but the best. The...

  • $77.99
  • Manfrotto 026 Lite-tite Swivel Aluminium Stand/mount

    The Lite-Tite Swivel Aluminium Umbrella Adapter is a practical multipurpose reliable umbrella adapter. An essential tool in many professionals lighting kits Clever adapter to fit...

  • $102.99
  • Manfrotto 014-38 16mm Female Adapter Stand/mount

    The Manfrotto 014-38 Female Adapter is a locking adapter that fits any light stand with a 16mm (5/8 inch ) top stud and will allow...

  • $31.99
  • Manfrotto 008bsu Steel Junior Stand Stand/mount

    Chrome plated steel stand. 2 sections 1 riser. 1 levelling leg. Professional heavy duty stand for location or studio Double braced leg base for extra...

  • $509.99
  • Manfrotto 025bsl Black Superboom Stand Stand/mount

    Top tube diameter 35mm. 1 section boom complete with Pivoting Clamp 123 Counter Weight 022 cable clips. One section boom max extension 2 7m (8.8')...

  • $1,095.99
  • Manfrotto 007csu Steel Senior Stand Stand/mount

    Ergonomically designed for heavy equipment. Professional heavy duty stand for outdoor/indoor shoots Double braced leg base for maximum safety and stability Universal head type 14...

  • $565.99
  • Manfrottomafrotto 025bs Black Light Boom With 008 Stand/mount

    Manoeuvrable durable and convenient the black Super Boom Stand is a smart addition for professional photographers looking to get more out of their equipment. Ideal...

  • $1,483.99
  • Manfrotto 023 L-peso 4.3kg Counterweight Stand/mount

    Counterweight with clamps 4 3Kg (10lb) painted iron counter balance weight For use with any heavy duty boom or light stand Features locking lever Clamps...

    In stock

  • $130.99
  • Manfrotto 014-14 16mm Female Adapter Stand/mount

    Multi-purpose extremely versatile and built-to-last this 16mm female tripod adaptor is an indispensable addition to any photographer’s kit. Female tripod adaptor with standard 6.4mm screw...

    In stock

  • $31.99
  • Manfrotto 013 Adapter Spigot 3/8in - 1/4 Stand/mount

    Essential top-quality and extremely versatile this adapter spigot is a necessary addition to any photographer’s or videographer’s toolkit. Ideal for use with a variety of...

  • $25.99