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Astro Cameras

Celestron StarSense Autoalign for Celestron Mounts

Auto-Alignment of Celestron Telescopes For NexStar/CGE/CPC/CG-5/LCM Mounts Digital Camera Attachment Includes Hand Controller Pre-Loaded 40,000 Object Database The StarSense Telescope Alignment Accessory from Celestron includes...

  • $1,199.00
  • Orion StarShoot USB Eyepiece Camera II

    Fun and useful USB Eyepiece Camera allows you to transmit the real-time view through your telescope to a laptop or PC, and capture great digital...

    In stock

  • $159.00
  • Celestron Neximage 10 Solar System Color Camera

    Easy to use color camera, provides live video for quick focusing 3856 x 2764-pixel array with small pixels, provides high-resolution images Includes Celestron iCap software...

    In stock

  • $799.00
  • Orion Awesome Refractor AutoGuider Package Telescope

    Orion can guide you to better quality astro-photos, literally, with our Awesome AutoGuider Refractor Telescope Package. This affordable and effective auto-guiding solution can be added...

  • $959.00
  • Orion StarShoot G4 Colour Deep Space Imaging Camera

    Orion's fourth generation StarShoot Imaging Camera features an impressive CCD chip sensor and highly efficient cooling systems to help you capture amazing astrophotos.StarShoot G4 cameras...

  • $899.00
  • Celestron NexImage 5MP - Solar System Imager

    5 Mega pixel color sensor with Micron® DigitalClarity® technology to dramatically reduce image noise levels Software automatically filters out video frames most affected by poor...

  • $499.00
  • Orion Starshoot 3mp Solar System V Camera

    Features a 1/2" format color CMOS imaging chip with a very small 3.2 microns pixel size for exceptional resolution Camera sensor features a 2040 x...

  • $329.00
  • Orion StarShoot G26 Color

    Orion is proud to announce the StarShoot G26 APS-C Color Imaging Camera. Built around the Sony IMX571 CMOS chip, the G26 offers a 28.3mm diagonal...

  • $4,045.75
  • Orion Starshoot AutoGuider

    Autoguiding has revolutionized the capture of deep-sky astro-images by mechanizing the tedious and tiring method of "manually" guiding an astrophotography exposure, which involved staring endlessly...

    In stock

  • $625.00
  • Orion Starshoot G4 Monochrome Deep Space Imaging Camera

    Our latest Monochrome Deep Space Imaging Camera is loaded with high-performance features usually found in much pricier imaging devices Regulated thermoelectric cooling (TEC) keeps camera...

    In stock

  • $939.00
  • Orion Starshoot G16 Deep Space Color Imaging Camera

    An affordable, large format camera based on the 16.2mp Panasonic MN34230PLJ color sensor One-Shot color CMOS chip, featuring multiple resolution / aspect ratios up to...

  • $1,779.00
  • Orion StarShoot Mini 6.3mp Color Imaging Camera

    The new Orion StarShoot Mini cameras have arrived! We've taken some of the technology of our popular large format series cameras like the G10 and...

    In stock

  • $891.00
  • Orion StarShoot G3 Deep Space Monochrome Imaging Camera

    Discover the joy of taking gorgeous 16-bit pictures of deep space phenomena without breaking the bank with the value-packed Orion StarShoot G3 Deep Space Monochrome...

    In stock

  • $942.00
  • Orion G10 Colour Camera

    Orion is excited to announce the next generation in our line of StarShoot cameras: the Orion Starshoot G10 Color CMOS Imager. This extremely sensitive deep-sky...

    In stock

  • $2,440.28
  • Orion G3 Astrophotography Colour or Monochrome Camera

    An affordable and capable astrophotography camera for anyone interested in taking amazing images of starry skies with a telescope The StarShoot G3 Deep Space Color...

  • $755.00