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Minelab Go-Find 60 Review - Hands on review by Mike Jones

Posted by Mike Jones on

When I first started working at Jacob's I decided to try my hand at metal detecting. Jacob's sell a wide range of detectors, but by and large, our most popular seller is the Minelab Go-Find 60 for entry-level users. 

I had heard of Minelab previously but as a beginner was not fussed about the brand and was mainly looking at how easy it was to use. 

As I have very little experience in metal detecting compared to the other employees, I ended up going for a Go-Find 60. Jacob's sell it as a perfect model for beginners and I was up for an adventure so I took the shop display model for a test drive.

I travelled down to a local beach and began swinging! The technology, 3 levels of depth indication, 5 levels of sensitivity and visual display immediately had me hooked and when I looked up again half the day had disappeared!

Being able to adjust the sensitivity in an easy to understand manner was very handy - it has automatic ground balancing and I was swinging in seconds. 

I had a great afternoon finding little treasures, coins, metal and other assorted items and it is easy to see how people get addicted to Metal Detecting. Very relaxing, much like fishing. My best find was a 1928 3p piece that was approx. 6.5 inches deep.

One of the best features of the GoFind 60 is its collapsibility, most other detectors do not have this feature and it's really handy to pack it away in such a small bag when leaving, making it so much more easier to carry all your finds back  home with you as well.  

Go-Find 60

Another great feature is the Go-Find App for smart phones, which will give you a bit more information on what you may have found, like coin identity and even Google Maps capability. The app also allows you to take pictures and store them with notes about your find. The app is not necessary, but is an added on bonus for a fun filled adventure.

The different find modes: iron objects, aluminium foil and lower value coins, rings, pull tabs and lower value coins. Low and high value coins and screw caps are really helpful as well, enabling you to quickly discriminate between trash and treasure and things that are worth digging up.

Overall, I really enjoyed my day out with the Go-Find 60. The light weight of the machine, combined with the visual display and different modes made it an extremely easy, interesting and fun experience into the world of detecting. I would recommend this detector for families and individuals who would like a very capable and easy to use metal detector.

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