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Carson 60-120x LED lighted MicroBrite Plus Pocket Microscope

The Carson MM-300 MicroBrite Plus from Carson Optical is a powerful 60-120x power Magnification Pocket Microscope with an extremely lightweight and portable design. This Pocket...

In stock

  • $44.98
  • Carson Hookupz 2.0 Universal Smartphone Optic Adapter

    Using the Carson HookUpz 2.0, connect your smartphone to your preferred optic; binoculars, monocular, spotting scopes, telescopes, microscopes, borescopes, slit lamps, night vision and more!...

    In stock

  • $188.99
  • Carson Microflip 100-250x Pocket Microscope

    The MicroFlip MP-250 100-250x Pocket Microscope from Carson is a powerful magnifying tool with reliable LED illumination that can be used at home or in the field. It is...

    In stock

  • $79.90
  • Carson PocketMicro 20-60x LED Zoom Microscope

    The Carson PocketMicro is a powerful 20-60x power pocket microscope with an extremely lightweight and portable design. This pocket microscope features a built-in LED light...

    In stock

  • $49.90
  • Carson LumiLoupe 10X Power Stand Magnifier

    The LL-10 LumiLoupe from Carson Optical is a 10x power stand Magnifier that makes the ordinary extraordinary. This Magnifier reveals details you've never seen before...

  • $29.00
  • Carson 2x MagniSheet Magnifier

    The Carson 2x MagniSheet Magnifier from Carson Optical is a full page-magnifier within a frame. The Fresnel magnifier is an excellent choice for reading small...

    In stock

  • $17.90
  • Carson eFlex 75/x300x Digital LED w/Flex Neck Stand and Base Microscope

    The Carson MM-840 eFlex is a powerful digital microscope that displays the magnified image right on your computer screen. The impressive 75x/300x magnification allows you...

    In stock

  • $219.00
  • Carson TriView 3x/6x/9x Folding Loupe with Built-In Case Magnifier

    The TV-36, TriView magnifier is a compact, portable folding loupe magnifier with power ranging from 3x-9x power magnification. Each lens contains 3x power magnification. Combine...

    In stock

  • $22.90
  • Carson MicroBrite 20-40x Microscope

    The Carson MicroBrite from Carson Optical is a 20x-40x Zoom Pocket Microscope. Super-bright LED light illuminates your viewing subject to ensure a clear, bright image....

    In stock

  • $45.90
  • Carson SureGrip Glass 2x Power with 11.5x Spot Lens Magnifier

    If durability is what you need, the Carson SureGrip magnifying glass is what youre looking for. Reasonably priced, it is equipped with a 2x magnifier...

    In stock

  • $29.90
  • Carson MagniSlide 2.5x Power Fresnel Magnifier

    The Carson MagniSlide is a "credit card size" Fresnel magnifier that slides-out of its soft case. It is compact enough to fit in your wallet...

    In stock

  • $11.50
  • Carson 2x Deluxe Page (Shatterproof) Magnifier

    This Deluxe Page Magnifier from Carson Optical is a deluxe rigid frame full page Magnifier. It's 2x power acrylic Fresnel lens is sturdy and shatterproof....

    In stock

  • $24.90
  • Carson Rectangular x2 LED Lighted RimFree Magnifier

    Carsons RM-77 hand held magnifier is designed with comfort in mind. Its ergonomic, soft-grip handle promotes a natural hand position while featuring a 4.7 x...

    In stock

  • $35.90
  • Carson MagniFlip 3x Magnifier

    The Carson MagniFlip from Carson Optical is a compact, 3x power flip-open Magnifier with a built-in folding case. It's perfect for carrying in your pocket...

  • $11.90
  • Carson Twin Pack 2x Power Credit Card Size with 6x Spot Lens Magnifier

    The Wallet Magnifier Twin Pack from Carson Optical contains two compact, high quality 2x power credit card size Fresnel Magnifiers. These Magnifiers are so small...

    In stock

  • $15.90
  • Carson MiniBrite 3x LED Lighted with Protective Sleeve Magnifier

    The MiniBrite Pocket Magnifier from Carson Optical is a compact 3x power slide-out Magnifier with a protective plastic sleeve. The built-in LED light is handy...

    In stock

  • $22.90
  • Carson BigEye 2.5x Hand Held with 5" Viewing Lens Magnifier

    Highlights: Oversized Lens for Ease of Viewing Acrylic Lens Lightweight, Handheld Operation Perfect for Detail/Insects, Rocks & Leaves The HU-20 2x Big Eye Magnifier from...

    In stock

  • $29.90
  • Carson BugView Bug Catching Tool and Magnifier

    BugView Magnifier is a fun, humane way to view the insects around us. Temporarily trap the specimen in the Trap, view the bug, and then...

    In stock

  • $29.00
  • Carson Multi-Power 2.5x/5x/6x LED Lighted Pocket Magnifier

    For a convenient, illuminated magnifier on the go, this Carson acrylic Pocket Magnifier is a durable and compact option that tackles a wide variety of...

    In stock

  • $29.90
  • Carson TriView 5x/10x/15x Folding Loupe with Built-In Case Magnifier

    The TV-15, TriView magnifier is a compact, portable folding loupe magnifier with power ranging from 5x-15x power magnification. Each lens contains 5x power magnification. Combine...

  • $24.90