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Velbon Videomate 638/F Tripod

Velbon’s Videomate 638 is a medium to heavy duty aluminium tripod with excellent maximum height, 3-section legs and quick lever leg locks. The PH-368 Fluid head is...

  • $245.00
  • Velbon Sherpa 200R Aluminum Tripod

    Features: Aluminum Tripod With 3-Section Legs Maximum Height of 5.5' (167.5 cm) Lock Pan & Tilt Movements W/One Motion Maximum Load Capacity 7.7 Lbs (3.5...

  • $285.00
  • Velbon EX-Macro Tripod

    The Velbon EX-Macro is an ultra-compact and lightweight aluminium tripod for table-top and Macro work with a range of digital cameras and compact video cameras....

  • $99.00
  • Velbon EX-230 Tripod

    The EX-230 Aluminum Tripod from Velbon is a 1.6 lb lightweight tripod with a two-way pan/tilt head. It can reach a maximum height of 48.0", and can hold up...

  • $74.95
  • Velbon Ex Mini with 2-Way Pan/Tilt Head Tripod

    The EX-Mini Aluminum Tabletop Tripod from Velbon is a small, lightweight tripod with a 2-way pan/tilt head. It extends to 16.4", and holds up to...

    In stock

  • $70.90
  • Velbon Sherpa 5470D With Pan/Tilt head Tripod

    Strong and tough, this heavy duty Tripod from Velbon's Sherpa range can handle the weight and provide smooth control for easy tracking. It's ideal for...

  • $339.00
  • $399.00 You save: $60.00
  • Velbon Sherpa E4300D Tripod with PH-157Q Head

    The new Sherpa Series is available with a 3-way pan and-tilt head with one handle. Legs are designed with 3 sections and are with 23mm...

  • $219.00
  • Velbon EX-447 Video

    The EX-447 Four-Section Video Tripod from Velbon offers a maximum load capacity of 2.2 lb. It comes with a QB-32 quick release plate, and features a pan-locking knob, tilt-locking...

  • $159.90
  • Velbon Videomate 438F

    The Velbon Videomate 438 Aluminum Tripod is a 2.71 lb camera support with a fluid pan-and-tilt head. It can reach a maximum height of 5.03' with the...

  • $149.90
  • Velbon EX-630 Tripod

    The Velbon EX-630 is a medium duty aluminium tripod for beginners and advanced amateurs. It comes complete with the PHD-56Q 3-Way pan and tilt head, where the...

  • $168.00
  • Velbon Sherpa 300 Tripod

    Multi-function tripodsA sturdy aluminium field tripod with 3-section legs and easy-to-use clip locks for fast setup and closure. The widely acclaimed PH-157QK one-touch panhead includes...

    In stock

  • $329.00
  • Velbon EX-330Q Tripod

    Load Capacity: 4.4 lb Maximum Height: 57.5" Minimum Height: 19.7" Folded Length: 19.9" Leg Sections: 3, Weight: 1.9 lb Aluminum-Alloy Legs, Flip Locks Rapid Center...

    In stock

  • $98.50
  • Velbon Videomate 538 Aluminum Tripod

    Velbon VIDEOMATE 538/F Overview The Velbon Videomate 538 Aluminum Tripod is a 3.6 lb camera support with a fluid pan-and-tilt head. It can reach a maximum height of...

    In stock

  • $140.00
  • Velbon UP-400 Monopod

    The Velbon UP-400 4-Section Monopod is a versatile support for a DSLR or other camera. The UP-400’s four sections extend to a maximum height of...

  • $52.50
  • Velbon EX 430 Tripod

    Load Capacity: 4.4 lb Max Height: 59.4" Folded Length: 22" Leg Sections: 3 Weight: 2.6 lb Pan/Tilt Head with QR Plate Included The Velbon EX-430/F...

  • $125.00
  • Velbon VS-443D

    The Velbon VS-443D Aluminum Tripod with QHD-53D Ball Head features a geared center column that tilts a full 180°, so it can be set at a 90°...

  • $269.00
  • Velbon EX-888 Aluminum Tripod with 3-Way Pan and Tilt Head

    The EX-888 Aluminum Tripod with 3-Way Pan and Tilt Head from Velbon is a 2.8 lb aluminum support that has a load capacity of 3.3 lb. The head itself...

    In stock

  • $129.00
  • Velbon EX-540 Aluminum Tripod with 3-Way Pan and Tilt Head

    The EX-540 Aluminum Tripod with 3-Way Pan and Tilt Head from Velbon is a 3.2 lb aluminum support, which has a load capacity of 4.4 lb. The head itself...

    In stock

  • $159.00
  • Velbon Teenypod II


  • $19.00
  • Velbon UP-400DX Monopod

    The Velbon UP-400DX Video Monopod is a lightweight camcorder support with an integrated tilting video head. The four sections of the UP-400DX extend to a maximum height...

  • $69.90