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Gold Century

Gold Century Fully Automatic Metal Detector

ELECTRONIC PINPOINTING: To precisely locate the target and show its depth; With an adjustable sensitivity levels. You can detect metals including iron, aluminum, gold, bronze,...

In stock

  • $209.00
  • $299.00 You save: $90.00
  • Perforated Plastic Sand Scoop

    This scoop makes it easy to find objects in sand. Just scoop and gently shake to quickly uncover your finds.

    In stock

  • $34.50
  • Gold Century Four in One Light Duty Folding Shovel

    Four in One Light Duty Folding Shovel.

    In stock

  • $39.50
  • Gold Century Pinpointer

    Gold Century Pinpointer. Depth: 3.5 - 4cm for 10 cent coin Vibrating alarm Sound alarm with in-built speaker LED indicators. Near or closeup LED light...

    In stock

  • $129.00
  • Gold Century Digital LCD Metal Detector

    Micro Processor controlled metal detector. Micro Processor controlled metal detector. Easy to use and reliable functions. Auto ground balancing. Light weight and modern design. Tone...

  • $399.00
  • Gold Century Underwater Metal Detector

    Underwater metal detector that can be used underwater at a max depth of 20 meters Waterproof compact design and easy to operate Discriminates larger objects with...

    In stock

  • $399.00
  • Gold Century Discrimination Treasure Metal Detector

    Features: Easy-to-understand user display Three different modes: All Metal, Discrimination & Pinpoint The Pinpoint  mode helps to find the exact location of the target Adjustable...

  • $249.00
  • Gold Century Deep Sensitive Metal Detector

    Discover hidden, unearthed fortunes in forests, parks, beaches, and even your backyard with this metal detector. It’s reliable, practical, convenient, and designed to make your search...

  • $359.00
  • Gold Century Advanced LCD Metal Detector

    With this Metal Detector, you can hunt for coins, relics, jewellery, gold and silver just about anywhere. The detector comes with high sensitivity and a...

    In stock

  • $359.00
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