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Lenspen Microklear Cloth care & Maintenance

MicroKlear is a deluxe microfiber suede cleaning cloth. Perfect for cleaning the housings of digital cameras photo equipment camcorders mobile phones televisions stereo equipment computers...

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  • $18.95
  • Lenspen Dslr Pro Kit care & Maintenance

    The LensPen DSLR Pro Kit contains everything a photographer needs to keep your camera lenses viewfinders and filters clean. This kit includes: The Original LensPen...

    In stock

  • $66.95
  • Lenspen Digiklear care & Maintenance

    Keep every part of your camera clean including the screens. DigiKlear is designed for small digital glass & LCD screens on the backs of digital...

    In stock

  • $23.95
  • Lenspen Sensorklear Iicare & Maintenance

    Clean CCD sensors and CMOS sensors like the photography pros! LensPen SensorKlear II combines the unique LensPen cleaning tip with an articulating head. Use this...

    In stock

  • $31.95
  • Lenspen Original Care & Maintenance

    The original LensPen is the ultimate photography tool. Perfect for cleaning camera lenses binocular lenses small aperture spotting scopes and telescopes eyepieces and other optical...

    In stock

  • $23.95
  • Lenspen Minipro care & Maintenance

    The LensPen MiniPRO has been specifically designed to fit into small camera bags. Perfect for cleaning camera lenses binocular lenses small aperture spotting scopes and...

    In stock

  • $23.95
  • Lenspen Micropro care & Maintenance

    With our smallest cleaning tip the LensPen MicroPRO safely and effectively cleans micro camera lenses. The specially designed cleaning tip gets into all the smallest...

    In stock

  • $23.95
  • Lenspen Hurricane Blower care & Maintenance

    The LensPen Hurricane Blower is perfect for cleaning dust off camera lenses filters CCD sensors and SLR mirrors. The blower provides blasts of air to...

    In stock

  • $19.95
  • Lenspen Filterklear care & Maintenance

    FilterKlear is a necessary photography tool for anyone using filters whether it be a DSLR camera or a Drone camera. Comes with a handy retractable...

    In stock

  • $21.95
  • Lenspen Cleaning Kitcare & Maintenance

    A comprehensive cleaning kit containing 3 of Lenspen's most popular products to keep your camera sensor and lenses clean. The MicroKlear cloth is safe for...

    In stock

  • $55.95
  • Lenspen Hurricane Blower Elite

    This is an awesome piece of equipment to always have in the camera bag or backpack. A tiny piece of dust can ruin a shoot...

    In stock

  • $29.90
  • LensPen SensorKlear Loupe Kit Elite

    The Lenspen SensorKlear Loupe Kit contains three separate tools to help ensure the sensor of your DSLR camera stays clean and free of image-degrading dust. The SensorKlear...

    In stock

  • $179.00