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LRF Monocular

Bushnell Prime 1700 6x24mm ATD Laser Rangefinder

What good is having distance if you can't see your target?Bushnell has always been at the forefront of quality and value, and Prime laser range...

In stock

  • $479.98
  • Bushnell Prime 1300 6x24mm ATD Laser Rangefinder

    What good is distance if you can't see your target?Bushnell has always been at the forefront of quality and value, and Prime laser range finders...

    In stock

  • $459.98
  • Nikon Forestry Pro II Rangefinder

    This upgrade now has a distance measurement range of 7.5-1,600 m. Three-point measurement accurately assesses height even if the base and/or top of your subject...

    In stock

  • $828.99
  • Bushnell Prime 1800 6x24 LRF w/ Active Display Rangefinder

    The all-new Bushnell Prime 1800 is now the ultimate laser rangefinder for hunters. It features ActivSync™ Display technology that fluidly morphs to your background for...

    In stock

  • $598.00
  • Leica Rangemaster CRF 2800.Com Rangefinder

    LEICA RANGEMASTER CRF 2800.COM Integrated bluetooth With the new Leica Rangemaster CRF 2800.COM Leica Sport Optics (Wetzlar Germany) presents the first Leica rangefinder with integrated...

    In stock

  • $1,535.00
  • Nikon Prostaff 1000 Rangefinder

    Featuring premium optics and powerful distance measurement capability, the 6x20 Prostaff 1000 Rangefinder will help you make more accurate shots. You'll get 2-yard accuracy when ranging deer...

  • $438.99
  • Vortex Crossfire™ HD 1400 Rangefinder

    If you’re on the hunt for the perfect go-to laser rangefinder for bow and rifle hunters alike, you’ve found it in the Crossfire™ HD 1400....

  • $433.99
  • ATN ABL Smart Rangefinder 1500m Rangefinder W/bluetooth

    The ATN Auxiliary Ballistic Laser is the perfect accessory for your ATN Smart HD Optics device, like your X-Sight 4K, X-Sight II, or your Mars...

  • $770.00
  • Leica Rangemaster CRF 2400 Rangefinder

    Leica Rangemaster CRF 2400-R Highest precision in distance determination Product DescriptionWith the new Leica CRF 2400-R, Leica Sport Optics (Wetzlar) presents a laser rangefinder that...

  • $1,144.00
  • ATN Laser 1500m "Bluetooth Ballistic Calc" Rangefinder

    NEVER MISS AT ANY DISTANCE Designed for Hunters and Shooters, LaserBallistics LRFs help you Shoot like a Pro! Using Bluetooth pairs with any ATN Smart...

  • $578.00
  • Vortex Viper® HD 3000 Rangefinder

    Open country or in tall timber, precision and speed mean the difference between filling your freezer and tag soup. The Viper® HD 3000 laser rangefinder gives...

  • $799.00
  • Bushnell Nitro 1800 6x24mm A-J BLSTC Laser Rangefinder

    Designed for field or range with industry-leading finishes.Experienced hunters and shooters know that accurate shots begin with an accurate distance to target. Bushnell Nitro laser...

    In stock

  • $798.99
  • Leica 7X24 Pinmaster II Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder

    The logo tells the story ACD Technology: Angle Compensated Distance (ACD) is the perfect extra for your daily practice at the driving range or when...

  • $1,309.01
  • Burris Signature HD 7X Handheld Rangefinder

    The perfect companion for your Burris riflescope, the Signature LRF 2000 redefines speed in a rangefinder. Quickly range targets from 5 to 2400 yards using,...

    In stock

  • $599.99
  • ATN ABL Smart Rangefinder 1000m Rangefinder W/bluetooth

    Simple and quick, ATN’s Auxiliary Ballistic Laser (ABL) attaches to your ATN Smart-HD scope as the strongest supplement that you can find on the market...

    In stock

  • $689.00
  • Vortex Diamondback HD 2000 Rangefinder

    When your hunt means ranging big game at 1,000 yards and beyond, your laser rangefinder needs the horsepower to go long and the toughness to...

  • $614.99
  • Konus Mini 1200B Rangefinder

    Measurement Range - 5-1200m 6x Magnification Meters or Yards Site Angle Measurement Horizontrol Distance or Vertical Distance Scanning Mode Fog/Rain Mode Golf Mode Hunting Mode...

  • $693.37
  • Nikko Stirling 15-1000m w/case Rangefinder

    Nikko Stirling Laser Rangefinder. Ideal for hunting, outdoor sports and commercial uses. Laser Range Finder is able to measure the distance as by emitting invisible,...

    In stock

  • $399.00
  • Nikon Coolshot 20 GII Rangefinder

    Nikon's COOLSHOT 20 compact golf laser rangefinder has been re-born for 2019 as the COOLSHOT 20 GII with an increased ranging capability. With eight seconds...

    In stock

  • $359.98
  • Simmons Prohunter 6x20 LRF

    800 yard / 731m laser rangefinder that's easy on the wallet! • 6x Magnification x 20mm Objective lens• Ranges 1 to 800 yards• Scan mode...

    In stock

  • $349.99
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