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We do not deal with or sell parallel imported goods

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We do not deal with or sell parallel imported goods

At Jacobs Digital we pride ourselves in providing brand-backed New Zealand warranties on every product we sell. With a brand-backed warranty you have the peace of mind that - in the event of fault or defect - your investment is eligible for repair and replacement by the manufacturer or authorised NZ repair centres.

Online-only retailers are fleeting, many operating for only a few years before closing shop. Their customers are left unsupported, with no point of contact; without an official warranty repair or replacement of a faulty product may only be possible through legal action.

Before you invest your hard earned cash, ask yourself: would you buy a product from a company without a reputable history and that cannot offer the manufacturer's warranty?

Know that when you purchase through official dealers you're also supporting other New Zealand businesses, such as the importers, wholesalers and repair centers. You are helping not just us but many kiwi businesses grow!

What if I purchase through a online-only shop?

Many New Zealand online only shops choose to import products through third parties and have no relationship with official dealers or manufacturers, products that come through these channels are known as 'parallel imports' or 'gray market' products. These products are not intended for the New Zealand market and may have different specifications from a product designed for the New Zealand market, exclude official accessories and documentation and offer no official warranty.

Many sellers will deliberately not advertise the fact that they are selling parallel imported products

Parallel importers often try to hide the fact they are not selling products obtained through official channels with official manufacturer backed warranties.

The following terms indicate that the product is a parallel imported product.

Direct Import

Import Model

Warranty via Seller

NZ Seller Warranty

Parallel Import

Gray/Grey Market

However parallel importers will often not even use such terms.

If in doubt ask the seller directly: "Is this a parallel import?"

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