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Microscope Accessories

Celestron NexYZ 3-Axis Universal Smartphone Adapter

Take Stills and Video through Eyepiece Use for Telescopes, Binoculars, Spotters Microscope and Smaller Optic Adapters Easy Spring-Clamp Installation with Lock Fits any Eyepiece from...

In stock

  • $174.99
  • Carson Hookupz 2.0 Universal Smartphone Adapter

    Using the Carson HookUpz 2.0, connect your smartphone to your preferred optic; binoculars, monocular, spotting scopes, telescopes, microscopes, borescopes, slit lamps, night vision and more!...

    In stock

  • $188.99
  • Knittel Glass Microscope Slides 50 pcs

    These Knittel blank slides are perfect for all your microscopic slide needs. Made it Germany from high end, thin glass these slides provide quality and...

  • $29.90
  • Knittel Cover Slips 100 pack

    This box of Cover Slips contains 100 cover-glasses for microscope slides.  Package Details Box of 100 cover slips Premium high-quality glass Precision ground and polished...

    In stock

  • $19.50
  • Konus General Biology Series Slide Set - 25 Prepared Slides

    This set of 25 General Biology Slides from Konus permits a beginner to explore the animal world, starting with the single-cell protozoa and going through...

    In stock

  • $79.00
  • OMAX 10.0MP Camera For Microscopes (Windows/Mac/Linux)

    This super speed 10MP USB 3.0 microscope digital camera comes packed with a reduction lens, a USB cable, two adapters, and a 0.01mm calibration slide....

    In stock

  • $1,060.73
  • Kimtech Science Kimwipes

    Product Features 280 pack Antistatic dispensing reduces lint and electrostatic discharge Nonabrasive, low-linting and low-extractable wipers for delicate task wiping. Convenient POP-UP* Box. Perfect for...

  • $24.90
  • Microscope Immersion Oil

    High quality immersion oil for any microscope. 1/4 fill bottle only Microscope Immersion Oil, type A Refractive index ND=1.515 Volume: 7ml (1/4 Oz) Standardized at...

  • $29.50
  • OMAX 5MP USB 2.0 Digital Eyepiece Camera for Microscopes

    This 5MP microscope digital camera has a unique design that includes a USB cable and two adapters. The digital camera captures still images, streams live...

  • $389.00
  • Konus Direct Light Illuminator For Stereo Microscopes

    The Konus Direct Light Illuminator source is used with the Konus Crystal Microscopes and provides transmitted light above the specimen. This fluorescent lighting source is affixed...

    In stock

  • $199.00
  • Omax 0.1mm & 0.01mm Microscope Calibration Slide

    Slide material: Schott optical glass Dual metric scales- 0.1mm per scale, the total length of scale 10mm, 100 divisions- 0.01mm per scale, the total length...

  • $106.04
  • Omax DSLR Microscope Adapter

    This is a brand new Canon SLR/DSLR Camera adapter for microscopes. Magnification Power: 2X Material: Metal Mounting Size on Microscope Side: 23.2mm, 30mm Adapters Included:...

    In stock

  • $329.00
  • Plastic Transfer Pipettes, Pack of 20

    Product Features 20 transfer pipettes Volume: 3 ml. Graduation: 0.5 ml Bulk packaging, 20 per bag Non sterile

  • $22.90
  • Amscope Dry Darkfield Condenser For Compound Microscopes NA 0.7-0.9

    Overview: Dry darkfield condenser for compound microscopes NA: 0.7-0.9 Mounting size: 37mm in diameter This unit fits a large range of Microscopes that have normal,...

    In stock

  • $299.00
  • Konus H-10 Micrometric Eyepiece With Built In Micrometer

    The Konus H-10 Micrometric Eyepiece works with the Konus microscpes, provides a 10x magnification and has a built-in measuring scale for micrometirc analysis and comparison.

    In stock

  • $139.00
  • INOCULATING LOOP w/loop 8" handle 1pk

    Features: Handle Material Aluminum Handle Handle Length 8 inches Wire Material: Nichrome, 25 guage, 2.5 inches Loop Non-replaceable

  • $25.90
  • Omax Cold Light Generator with Gooseneck Fiber Light

    High brightness illumination Switch power supply giving a legerity instrument with advantages of smooth brightness adjustment, long working time and low noise. Multi-coated IR cutoff...

  • $1,221.56
  • SEOH Petri Dish 100 x 15mm 25 pack

    Features: Top and bottom edges are squared off to provide a firm, sure grip Three venting ribs are built into the underside of each lid...

  • $45.00
  • Omax Brighter Oil Darkfield Condensor

    Darkfield condenser: oil NA: 1.36-1.25 Mounting type: front-loading dovetail condenser holder Mounting size: 36mm-43mm dovetail Net weight: 3.4 oz (96 g)

    In stock

  • $461.91
  • Omax 2X Auxiliary Objective Lens for Stereo Microscope - 48mm

    Double the magnification of original objectives Easy to attach on objective --- just screw it on Manufacturer in business 30+ years Mount thread: 48mm in...

    In stock

  • $153.95
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