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Konus Direct Light Illuminator For Stereo Microscopes

SKU: 5481

Konus Direct Light Illuminator For Stereo Microscopes - Jacobs Digital

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The Konus Direct Light Illuminator source is used with the Konus Crystal Microscopes and provides transmitted light above the specimen.

This fluorescent lighting source is affixed directly to the Objective lens giving illumination aimed directly at the specimen from the position of the objective.

This version is intended to work with higher international voltages up to 240 volts. 

The light is outputted evenly around the objective lens, giving you even lighting around the subject. 

  • Easy attachment via simple set screws
  • Fluorescent lighting directly at the objective lens
  • International voltage specification
  • Comes with a adapter for screwing into the objective lens of Konus Stereo microscopes
  • Comes with a spare, replacement lamp.  
  • Can be used handheld if you do not wish to mount the lamp.

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