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Adata Lightning Card Reader/Writer

SKU: -AI910

Adata Lightning Card Reader/Writer - Jacobs Digital

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Seamless sharing beyond your expectations

The ADATA AI910 Lightning Card Reader Plus carries official Apple MFi certification and is designed for easy interconnectivity between iOS Android and Windows. Whether saving uploading or sharing it’s up to the task with maximum coverage thanks to the inclusion of SD and Micro SD slots and support for cards up to 256GB. The AI910 works with a wide range of file formats including professional RAW images 4K video and files bigger than 4GB. It’s perfect for DSLR and action cam users as well as designers and anyone that wants two-way content movement with three-way operating system support that applies to virtually every device available: smartphones tablets laptops and desktops.

Seamless triple platform support

Thanks to updated hardware and firmware the AI910 is fully compatible with iOS Android and Windows bringing more devices and more users closer together. It has a Lightning connector plus a patented design Micro USB/USB Type-A extension with all offering read/write across the three operating systems. The AI910 is truly a complete sharing enabler fitting SD and Micro SD slots in a compact form factor. With so many connections and formats in one it’s super easy to share edit and enjoy more content on your device of choice free from limitations.

Power charging while transferring

Power run out just as you're enjoying content on a memory card? No problem. The AI910 acts as a passthrough for power banks or USB wall adapters rated 2.1A (ideal for tablets) so you can keep viewing sharing and moving content. Innovative and considerate ADATA innovated design: making life better * With external power support AI910 can support up to 512GB capacity. * Over 128GB required external power support

Freedom of two-way read and write – anywhere

With the AI910 you can read and write content across multiple devices without dependence on internet connections or cloud storage. So wherever you are content is available for sharing and enjoyment. It also supports nearly 40 different file formats including documents photos video and audio.

Great for Ultra HD 4K video

Times are changing and we now have more ways to capture our experiences and adventures in ever-higher detail and fidelity. DSLR action cams even drones: immortalizing your escapades in 4K is a reality and the AI910 gives you an easy path to sharing and reliving these moments anytime. You don’t have to wait till you get back home – plug the AI910 to a 4K smartphone and enjoy. You can now experience your memories in detail that rivals the real world: so why wait?

Consistently fast and reliable delivery

Capable of 30MB/s read and 20MB/s write the AI910 outpaces data transmission via Wi-Fi by a significant margin. As compared to Wi-Fi the t

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