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ATN Mars LT 50mm 5-10 320x240 Thermal


ATN Mars LT 50mm 5-10 320x240 Thermal
ATN Mars LT 50mm 5-10 320x240 Thermal

ATN Mars LT 50mm 5-10 320x240 Thermal


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About this product

ATN Mars LT (Lite) was especially designed for hunters who are looking for a straightforward and reliable thermal scope. This device is capable of detecting a human being from 1620 m and identifying it at 415 m.

Mars LT might be lacking some advanced features but it still offers all you need to successfully finish your hunt. The 12μm sensor with a resolution of 320x240 px ensures a brilliant picture. The HD display has a resolution of 1280x720 px. The ATN Obsidian Core LT processor with two cores ensures stable performance and has low power consumption. The startup of the device is quite fast. The battery will last for up to 10 hours and can be recharged with the included USB-C cable. The battery has a service life of 1000 recharging cycles. That is over 10 000 hours (416 days) of constant runtime.

The concept of this model is very similar to a regular daytime scope. You can easily mount it to your rifle with standard 30 mm mount rings. The tube is made from highly durable aluminium alloy and you don’t have to worry about recoils from powerful hunting calibers. The device weighs only 650 g and the controls are really straightforward and easy to navigate. The buttons can even be operated while wearing gloves.

The Zeroing function makes sighting in the scope really easy. You are going to see two overlapping crosshairs and all you need to do after the first shot is to keep the first crosshair on the center of the target and move the second crosshair to the place where you have hit the target. Then just fire a control shot to make sure everything is zeroed.

You can choose from two different colour presets (black and white) and three reticles.

Key features

• Lightweight and durable design

• 30 mm tube

• Zeroing function

• 12μm sensor

• 1620 m detection range

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