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Bushnell Solar Panel Universal

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Bushnell Solar Panel Universal - Jacobs Digital
Bushnell Solar Panel Universal - Jacobs Digital

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One rule of every successful hunter is to not disturb your hunting spot unless you absolutely have to. Making your trail camera batteries last longer is one of the best ways to assure fewer trips to your spot. The Bushnell Trail Camera Solar Panel extends your trail camera battery life by months! Use the included adjustable screw-in bracket to mount it near your camera. Attached are the positive locking cables and you are done!

Designed to function as a supplemental source of power for all current models of Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor, Trophy Cam HD Aggressor Wireless, Impulse, Core, CelluCore, and Prime series cameras. With the Solar Panel mounted near your camera and connected to its external power input jack, you will find that your camera's batteries last much longer before they need to be replaced. The solar panel has an internal lithium-ion power core, which is continuously charged by the solar cells when they are exposed to the sun. Once connected, the camera will draw its power from the solar panels charged lithium battery for as long as possible, switching to its internal batteries only when the Solar Panel battery charge level is too low. As a result, the camera's batteries will have a significantly longer life.

Charging the Solar Panel Via USB
The Solar Panel also includes a USB port allowing the internal power core to be pre-charged before field use, from a computer's USB connection or a similar available source of USB power. Doing this is NOT required prior to use but will allow it to begin providing supplemental power to your camera immediately, instead of waiting for the solar cells to build up an adequate charge.

To use this feature, connect a compatible USB Mini cable (not included) from the Solar Panel to your computer or an adequate power source. The charging indicator LED on the back of the Solar Panel will glow red while charging is in progress, then turn green when charging is complete.

Mounting and Camera Connection
A mounting bracket is provided with the Solar Panel. The bracket should first be screwed into the tree at a point above the camera where the solar panel has an unobstructed exposure to the sun for the longest part of the day. With the swivel head firmly attached to the tree bracket, connect the threaded bolt at the end of the swivel head to the mounting socket (brass 1/4" x 20) on the back of the Solar Panel. Loosen the swivel head knob, then the Solar Panel so that the solar cells are aimed at the sun. Once aligned tighten both locking collars. Finally, attached the supplied cable to both the solar panel and the camera and tie up the slack.

• Extends Trail Camera battery life for months
• Chargeable via USB cable (not included)
• Adjustable screw-in bracket included
• Positive locking cable attachment points for camera and solar panel
• Charge level indicator on the rear of the panel
• Compatible with Core, Prime, Impulse, CelluCore, and Aggressor Trail Cameras.

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