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Celestron Moon Filter Set (1.25")

SKU: 94315

Celestron Moon Filter Set (1.25")

Celestron Moon Filter Set (1.25")

SKU: 94315

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About this product

Celestron assembled the Moon Filter Set to give you the right tools for safely enjoying perfect views of the lunar surface during all of its phases. Each of the three neutral density filters offers different degrees of transmission that you can use to match different moon phases. A fourth Moon & Sky Glow filter provides high-contrast views of the lunar surface and enhances observation of deep-sky objects from light-polluted skies. The aluminum filter cells are threaded on both sides so the filters will fit most standard 1.25" eyepieces, eyepiece imagers, and accessories and are stackable with other filters for a customized viewing experience. Emphasizing its purpose, the set includes a plastic carrying case with a moon map and legend for identifying the most popular lunar features.

Filter 1:
  • ND96-0.9
  • 13% light transmission
  • Use when the moon is a dim crescent and you need minimal filtration
Filter 2:
  • ND96-0.6
  • 25% light transmission
  • Ideal for the first and third quarters when the moon is getting brighter and more filtration is required
Filter 3:
  • ND96-0.3
  • 50% light transmission
  • Maximum filtration allows safe viewing during gibbous and full moon phases with improved contrast and clarity
Filter 4:
  • Moon & Sky Glow filter
  • Ideal during all moon phases, especially gibbous and full
  • Filters interfering light from streetlamps and the scattered atmospheric light that they and the moon can cause
  • Red and blue colors are strengthened without significant dimming of the view
  • Reveals enhanced natural colors

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