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Celestron Portable PowerTank Lithium

SKU: 18771

Celestron Portable PowerTank Lithium

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About this product

Portable Lithium PowerTank for your computerized Celestron telescope.

  • New lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry
  • Smaller, lighter, safer, and easier to maintain than lithium-ion and sealed lead acid designs
  • Up to 2000 charge cycles - four times more than lithium-ion & 7 times more than sealed lead-acid designs
  • Un-recharged shelf life of up to 10 years
  • Environmentallyfriendly - Does not use toxic heavy metals

Employing a more environmentally-friendly battery chemistry than previous iterations Celestron's Portable PowerTank Lithium 84.4Power Supplygives you the power required to run your motorized mount with the added capability of charging small electronics such as smartphones, tablets, and cameras.

An integrated white LED flashlight, with two output settings, gives you the illumination you need to get to your observation point and set, and a separate red LED light allows you to perform tasks like swapping eyepieces or attaching filters without affecting your night-adjusted vision.

This PowerTank has a compact form factor at 19cm x 7.5cm and weighs in at just 1kg. Two straps are included so you can either hang it or attach it to the tripod, but if you want to leave it on the ground it has an IP65-rating making it dustproof and water-resistant.



  • 86.4 capacity
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry
    • Un-recharged shelf life of 10 years
    • Performance degrades at a much slower pace than other chemistries
    • Can be charged and discharged 2000 times
  • Uses phosphates instead of environmentally hazardous elements like cobalt or lead commonly found in other rechargeable batteries
Power Outputs
  • USB ports
    • One 5V DC, 1000 mA USB port
    • One 5V DC, 2100 mA USB port
    • Use to charge small electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and cameras
  • One 12V DC power port for Celestron mounts
    • Includes a 6.5' (2m) power cord for Celestron mounts
  • White LED flashlight to navigate and set-up
  • Red LED light to preserve night-adjusted vision while performing tasks during observation sessions
  • Each color has two brightness settings, Low and High
Construction Details
  • Compact 19cm x 7.5cm form factor
  • IP65-rated, dust-proof and water-resistant
  • Includes two straps: one to hang and one to connect to a telescope tripod leg
  • Integrated carrying handle
  • Weight: 1kg only

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