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Hikmicro ALPEX 4K A50EL Night Vision Scope with LRF


Hikmicro ALPEX 4K A50EL Night Vision Scope with LRF-Jacobs Digital
Hikmicro ALPEX 4K A50EL Night Vision Scope with LRF-Jacobs Digital
Hikmicro ALPEX 4K A50EL Night Vision Scope with LRF-Jacobs Digital
Hikmicro ALPEX 4K A50EL Night Vision Scope with LRF-Jacobs Digital
Hikmicro ALPEX 4K A50EL Night Vision Scope with LRF-Jacobs Digital

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4K UHD Clarity. Advanced Accuracy


With a focal length of 50mm and F1.2-F2.5 adjustable aperture, in conjunction with a 4K UHD detector, coupled with an integrated 1000m laser range finder, A50EL ensures hunters in both open field and forest a suitable field of view marvelous benefits. You can use your own IR Torch for nighttime hunting.

4K+ UHD for Vivid and Informative Images

The HIKMICRO ALPEX 4K, equipped with a 3840 x 2160 ultra-high-definition CMOS detector, gives you stunning and unprecedented image details 24 hours a day. With 3.5x basic magnification and 15.3m field of view at 100m, it shows outstanding target detection ability and identification capacity across the whole magnification range.

Comfortable Visual Experience Matters

HIKMICRO ALPEX 4K’s 1920x1080 sub-round 0.49’’ large OLED display unlocks new and eye-pleasing observing perspectives, delivering an immersive hunting experience.

Accurate Distance Measurement Aims for an Efficient Game (A50EL Only)

Accurately ranging quarry helps to ensure an ethical shot. The integrated laser rangefinder in the HIKMICRO ALPEX 4K digital day & night vision scope allows the user to range-find up to 1,000m with an accuracy of ±1 meter.

Internal Ballistic Calculation for Long-Range Hunting (A50EL Only)

The ALPEX 4K is HIKMICRO's first digital & night vision scope with ballistic calculation, ensuring accurate shooting at any distance. Simply enter the required data for your ammunition, scope, and environment to turn your ALPEX 4K into a highly accurate long-range tool. The internal ballistics algorithm calculates the suggested aiming point based on the exact distance measured by the built-in laser ranging finder to ensure precise long-range shooting.

Multiple Reticle Profiles

There are 5 reticle groups with 8 colors and 10 reticle types to choose from in the HIKMICRO ALPEX 4K. A total of 5 reticle profiles can be configured and saved for greater convenience.

Long-life battery, Hunt Non-Stop

HIKMICRO ensures users never have to worry about running out of power. The HIKMICRO ALPEX 4K has an upgraded power supply system. With an external replaceable and rechargeable battery, users can enjoy their hunt without fear of running out of battery.

Fast Boot-On to Capture the Moments

Fast boot within 3s makes HIKMICRO ALPEX 4K always ready for use.

Highlights capturing, saved in local album

The recoil-activation functions can record a video before you shoot and after you shoot, to better help you clarify whether you get your game. The videos are saved in the local album for quick and undisturbed checking.
Sensor CMOS
Sensor Resolution 3840 ×2160
Digital Zoom 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x
Aperture 50mm
Field of View 8.8° ×5.0°/15.3m × 8.6m @100m
Detection Range 1000m (day)
Battery Type Two Rechargeable Lithium Batteries (Internal), One Replaceable and Rechargeable18650 Battery (External)
Display Type 0.49 inch, OLED, 1920 ×1080
Storage Size 64GB
Water Resistance Yes
Working Temperature -30°C to 55°C
Palettes Day Mode, Black and White
Battery Operating Time 11 hours continuous
Video Output Digital Video
Dimensions (L x W x H) 439.8 mm × 71.4 mm × 84.0 mm
Weight 1176 g
IR Illuminator No
Head Gear Adaptable No

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