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Kowa Prominar 88mm with 25-60x eyepiece Spotting Scope

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The Flagship Series of Kowa. Defining and refining optical excellence as we know it.

The pure fluorite crystal used in this model is the optimum optical material for reducing chromatic aberration, providing the ultimate viewing experience and luxury.

The extraordinary light gathering capability supports observation during dusk and during dawn. 

All spotting scopes are waterproof and filled with dry nitrogen gas to prevent the lens from fogging. 

Dual focus mechanism (Quick and fine focusing) 

With a dual focus system. It becomes a very quick and painless foucs with a  large and easy to turn knob which will focus from infinity to five meters very quickly. 

The fine focus is precise with smooth movements and pinpoint accuracy, this is extremely useful at high magnifications and for digiscoping systems. 

Eyepiece locking mechanism 
Kowa's standard eyepiece bayonet mount has been configured to these new spotting scopes with a new attractive feature. An eyepiece locking mechanism that makes sure your eyepiece are safe from falling out.

 Magnesium alloy body 
The magnesium alloy body made by a sophisticated molding process, giving the feel and strength of a traditional metal body in a lighter and more portable frame, compared to other scopes in its competition.

The rugged structure can tolerate the severest conditions and provides confidence and a sense of security for the user. 

One of the major causes of deterioration of viewing quality in optics is chromatic aberration (color blur). Chromatic aberration occurs due to the dispersion of light and the different wavelengths of light focusing on different positions, resulting in a red or purple fringing around the image. The optimum optical material to minimize chromatic aberration is fluorite crystal. 

A fluorite crystal with extremely low dispersion characteristics is used for the convex lens of the TSN-883 & TSN-884 PROMINAR models. In place of an ordinary optical glass lens, the concave lens paired with the fluorite crystal lens is made of glass with special dispersion properties to reduce the chromatic aberration to a further degree. 

This combination of fluorite crystal and glass with special dispersion properties nearly eliminates chromatic aberration and redefines the standards of color brilliance. 

This technology is the result of many years of optical design and has realized great reduction in chromatic aberration, while maintaining a large diameter lens and high contrast images when compared with conventional models. 

The XD lens used in our TSN-883 & 884 Prominar models has characteristics similar to those of fluorite crystal to significantly reduce the chromatic aberration. All lenses are environmentally friendly Eco-Glass. (Eco-Glass is an environmentally friendly glass that does not contain lead or other harmful substances.) 

Fluorite crystal 
Kowa uses the fluorite crystal exclusively in its flagship spotting scope and large binocular models. The fluorite used to make an optical lens is an artificially grown mono-crystal with "ultra-low dispersion", a characteristic that ordinary optical glass does not have and in addition to using this crystal is the ability to completely eliminate chromatic aberration (color blur). The fluorite crystal produced by the sophisticated processing technology that Kowa has accumulated over the years guarantees the ultimate viewing experience.

The telephoto lens design of using 5 lens elements in 4 groups has successfully shortened the overall length of the scope while keeping a large diameter objective lens without sacrificing optical performance. 

The adoption of an inner focusing system has made the prism box light and compact and at the same time decreases the amount of image movement when compared to conventional prism focusing systems. 

The highly achromatic objective lens makes the scope as compact as a 60mm class scope without sacrificing performance a must have for the traveler or those who want the power but not the size.

The TE-11WZ and contains 2XD-lenses.The images are delivered with outstanding sharpness even at 60X magnification.Chromatic aberration is limited at the highest level. Eye relief of 17mm remains constant throughout the magnification range. Suitable for the Kowa TSN-883 & 884 spotting scope.

Product Specification:


Filter Diameter Length Lens type Minimum focusing distance Objective lens diameter Weight
95mm (Filter can be attached to scope) 343mm (13.5') Fluorite crystal lens 5M (16.4 FT) 88mm 1520g (53.6oz)



Exit pupil Eye relief Field of view at 1000M Magnification Real field of view Relative brightness Length Weight
3.5~1.5mm (TSN-880) 3.1~1.3mm (TSN-770) 17.0mm 42~23M 25~60x ZOOM 2.4~1.32 degrees 12.4~2.2 (TSN-880) 9.5~1.6 (TSN-770) 111mm 370g

Feel free to ask a question about Kowa Prominar 88mm with 25-60x eyepiece Spotting Scope below or call us on +64 (9) 480-5903

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