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SkyWatcher EQM35 GOTO Pro Mount w/ Steel Tripod


SkyWatcher EQM35 GOTO Mount Combo w/ Steel Tripod-Mount-Jacobs Photo and Digital

SkyWatcher EQM35 GOTO Pro Mount w/ Steel Tripod


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About this product

  • Combination German Equatorial Mount, Alt-Az Mount and portable DSLR tracker
  • Quick conversion between mount configuration modes
  • Adjustable steel tripod with an accessory tray
  • Optional Sky-Watcher Wifi Adapter replaces handset for full mount control via iPhones, iPads & Android devices
  • Improved worm gear with 40% more for teeth for smoother tracking
  • Better PEC (Periodic Error Correction) for more accurate long exposure guiding
  • Die cast ZL102T0 aluminium body for more rigidity while minimizing weight
  • V style telescope connection
  • 5 Years Sky-Watcher Limited Warranty

Sky-Watcher EQM35 Goto Combo Mount is three mounts in one.

For astronomers taking the next steps in visual observing and astrophotography its a high precision, easy to use Goto tracking mount. More seasoned users will appreciate extra load carrying capacity for visual use and short exposure astrophotography in the mounts Alt-Az mode. the beginner and experienced astronomers, ideal for smaller and medium-sized optical tubes.

  1. Equatorial GOTO long exposure astrophotography tracking mount

Development of the mid-range EQ3 mount popular in various forms with thousands of astronomers around the world for decades, the EQM-35 has considerable enhancements aimed at more precise guiding and better stability. An updated RA worm drive for improved tracking with 180 teeth compared for 130 on previous versions. The Dec drive is also a worm drive for smoother slewing.

Uprated bearings throughout and general stability enhancements were key to the new mount. PE (periodic error) correction has also been improved. A die cast ZL102T0 aluminium body has meant an increase in weight of just 0.5kg compared to the current EQ3 mount despite the increased stability and rigidity.

  1. 10Kg capacity Alt-Az GOTO tracking mount

The EQM-35 can work in Alt-Az mode.

Alt-Az mode doesn't require any polar alignment and is easier to set up. The mount will still automatically track celestial objects and is perfect for visual observing of the Moon, planets and deep sky targets. You can also use the EQM-35 in this mode for short exposure astrophotography such as capturing video of the planets and Moon for later stacking and processing.

Apart from easier setup, Alt-Az mode increases the carrying capacity of the EQM-35 to approx. 10kg

  1. Lightweight, portable tracking mount for DSRL photography

With a removable Dec assembly, the EQM-35 quickly converts into a heavy duty tracking mount for wide field or long exposure DSLR photography. In this lightened configuration you can even pack the EQM-35 into your hand luggage when travelling.

The EQM-35 is compatible with the complete range of Sky-Watcher DSLR mounting brackets and accessories.

When in either Equatorial or Alt-Az mode, the SynScan Go-To system allows full control in both axes with high precision pointing, allowing you to quickly and accurately locate objects across the night sky. The Go-To system can automatically slew the telescope on command toward planets, stars, nebulae, galaxies, clusters and much more. The SynScan has 42,900 memorised celestial objects for an amazing journey in the night sky. The Deep Sky Tour function suggests a list of the most interesting deep sky objects currently visible, so even the novice astronomer can easily observe faint objects at the touch of a button.

SynScan Features:

  • Database with 42,900+ Objects
  • Messier, NGC, IC, SAO catalogues
  • Two Star or Brightest Star Alignment
  • Autoguiding connection for astrophotography
  • Pointing Accuracy Enhancement feature (PAE)
  • Unknown Object Identification feature
  • Pointing accuracy up to 5arc min
  • Tracking rates: Sidereal, Lunar, Solar
  • Slewing speeds: 1x, 2x, 16x, 32x, 64x, 128x, 400x, 500x, 600x, 800x (3.4ø/sec)
  • Power requirement: 12V DC

Optional Upgrades

  • Polar scope for precise polar alignment
  • Sky-Watcher Wifi Adapter

In The Box

  • EQM35 Goto Combo Mount
  • Steel Tripod
  • Accessory Tray
  • 20mm Counterweight Bar
  • 2 Counterweight (1.8kg and 3.5kg)
  • SynScan Hand Controller and Cable
  • User Manual

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Malcolm H.
New Zealand New Zealand

SkyWatcher Evostar 120 and EQM-35 Mount

I must say I was really impressed with the advice and service from Jacobs Digital and the speed of delivery, especially to our rural address, of my SkyWatcher 120/900 Black Diamond ED Doublet Refractor OTA Telescope, EQM-35 Mount and Tripod and more so with the quality of both products. I updated the SynScan controller to the latest version of the firmware as recommended in the instructions and was able to get it communicating with Stellarium version 0.20.3 which is great as all one has to do is highlight an object on the screen and it will slew to and track it. The only negative aspects are that the EQM can supposedly operate in either Equatorial or Alt-Az mode but there is no mention of how to mechanically configure the mount or hand controller for Alt-Az in any available documentation, although I worked out how I could achieve this with a slight modification. The other problem I had was that the 3- star alignment does not work at all, the 2- star alignment works perfectly as confirmed by Stellarium but whenever one tries for a 3- star alignment it goes to the first 2 stars, Achenar and Canopus correctly but no matter what 3rd star is selected, Hadar in my case, it slews miles off to the East and stops just above the horizon whereas Hadar is over to the SW. Apart from this the telescope and mount work perfectly and the 2-star alignment seems to be all that is necessary and paired with Stellarium makes object location a breeze although it does use Hip catalogue numbers whilst the SynScan hand controller doesn’t, but with Stellarium you don’t need to know the number, just “point and shoot”. Refractors certainly give fantastic images/views both Astonomically and Terrestrially.

Tanya H.


I received everything I ordered, shipped perfectly, - customer service is amazing. Thank you

Keith R.

Good product but some issues

Good product, sturdy mount, is well made and packaged however there is a requirement for a 12v power pack that I was not aware of being a seperate purchase. Unfortunately the programming cable comes as a female serial port, which none of my modern (last 2 years) computers have, and if they did the computer has a female port as well, so it wouldnt fit anyway.... so not only do I need to buy a power pack I also need to buy a serial port usb adaptor (with a driver to convince the usb port to work) so while its a great mount and once I have it programmed correctly I will be a great mount, Im faced with further delays before I can get the most out of the system due to power and connection issues....

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