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SkyWatcher 200/1000 EQ5 Dual Focus Telescope


SkyWatcher 200/1000 EQ5 Dual Focus Telescope - Jacobs Digital
SkyWatcher 200/1000 EQ5 Dual Focus Telescope - Jacobs Digital
SkyWatcher 200/1000 EQ5 Dual Focus Telescope - Jacobs Digital

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About this product

Sky-Watcher 200/1000 EQ5 Reflector Telescope with Aluminum Tripod and Dual Speed Focuser

With an aperture of 200mm, this telescope permits the exploration of fine planetary details and it reveals hundreds of deep-sky objects such as nebulae, galaxies and clusters. This telescope collects 816x more light than the unaided eye and in good conditions, the resolution can reach 0.60″. This means amazing observations of the rings of Saturn, features on Mars, the tangled atmosphere of Jupiter and the phases of Venus. Globular clusters will reveal thousands of stars and nebulae will show filaments of gas floating in the dark sky. On top of that, the fast f/5 focal ratio is perfect for astrophotography.

Equatorial Mount EQ5

The equatorial mount offers the convenience to compensate for the Earth’s rotation. That is a great advantage for high-resolution observation as it is only necessary to turn a single knob whilst tracking an object across the sky. The EQ5 is a professional German equatorial mount that easily bears the weight of the Sky-Watcher 200/1000. The altitude and azimuth fine adjustment knobs make the polar alignment easy while the gears ensure accurate tracking. The heavy-duty Aluminum tripod increases the stability of the telescope and reduces vibration due to wind.

The tracking can be performed by the optional dual-axis motors that can be easily connected to the mount. The computerised SynScan system is the ultimate upgrade that allows automatic pointing and tracking of more than 42,000 objects in the sky! This option will save time when finding planets and deep sky objects in the vastness of the night sky.

Dual Speed Focuser

Focusing is a paramount operation as observing out of focus affects the sharpness and the brightness of the object. This telescope is equipped with an excellent Crayford dual speed focuser allowing fast, coarse regulation followed by a precise 10:1 reduction adjustment knob to reach the optimal focus. This is a necessary accessory for astrophotography to keep your stars looking sharp.

Premium Imaging Performance

Sky-Watcher guarantees diffraction-limited optics for outstanding quality. The aluminised primary mirror is aspheric (parabolic profile) offering an optical system free from spherical aberration. The secondary mirror is thin to allow fast cooling and it is held by extra thin spider supports for minimal diffraction spike effects on bright stars and increased contrast.

In the Box:

  • 200mm Newton Reflector
  • EQ5 Mount with Aluminium Tripod
  • Fine Tracking Adjustment Knobs
  • 2 Eyepieces Super 10mm (100x) & Super 25mm (40x) – 1.25″ Barrel
  • 9×50 Finderscope
  • Telescope Eyepiece Adapter from 2″ to 1.25″ with T2 Thread
  • Instruction Manual

Click to download the NEQ3 – EQ5 Manual

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