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Omax 50x-1000x Infinity EPI/Transmitted Trinocular Polarizing Microscope


Omax 50x-1000x Plan Infinity EPI/Transmitted Trinocular Polarizing Microscope-Jacobs Photo and Digital

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This trinocular polarizing microscope is outfitted with high quality strain-free infinity plan objectives, extreme widefield eyepieces, and a powerful 24V/100W transmitted and reflected light halogen lamps. The polarizing microscope includes many other features, such as a EW10X/22 eyepieces (one pair standard, three single eyepieces with special reticles), quintuple nosepiece with centerable objective mounts, seven objectives (4X, 10X, 20X, 40X(S), 50X(S), 100X(S,Oil), 100X(S,Dry)), centerable bertrand lens, polarizer/analyzer, three compensators (tint plate, quarter-wave plate, and quartz wedge), centerable and rotatable stage, mechanical stage attachment, NA0.9/0.25 flip-top condenser, and a 24V/100W transmitted kohler illuminator. This microscope is a powerful instrument polarized light applications requiring transmitted or reflected polarizd light, such as mineralogical thinsections, geological samples, or toxicology samples.


  • Total magnifications: 50X, 100X, 200X, 400X, 500X, 1000X
  • Eyepieces: 5 EW10X/22 (high eyepoint, ×Ý22mm wide field of view), 3 of them with reticles (1 with crossline, 1 with scale crossline and 1 with grid)
  • Objectives: strain free plan infinity achromatic
  • - 5X/0.12//-, working distance 15.5mm
  • - 10X/0.25//-, working distance 10.0mm
  • - 20X/0.40//0, working distance 4.30mm
  • - 50X/0.75//0, working distance 0.32mm (spring)
  • - 100X/0.8//0, working distance 2mm (spring)
  • - 40X/0.65//0.17, working distance 0.54mm (spring)
  • - 100X/1.25//0.17, working distance 0.13mm (spring, oil)
  • Head: Siedentopf trinocular, 30ø inclined 360ø swiveling head, interpupillary distance 48-75mm adjustable, diopter ring on left eyepiece tube
  • Nosepiece: revolving, quintuple, reversed, objective center adjustable
  • Stage: rotary stage, diameter ×Ý170mm, center adjustable, with click-stop mechanism and a mechanical stage (removable, range 30mm x 40mm), minimum graduation 1ø (0.1ø when using vernier)
  • Focusing: coaxial coarse and fine focus knobs on both sides, tension adjustable
  • Condenser (transmitted): strain free Abbe condenser with swing-out top lens and iris aperture diaphragm, center adjustable NA0.9/0.25
  • Illumination (transmitted): Kohler, intensity adjustable, with iris field diaphragm, 24V/100W Halogen lamp
  • Illumination (EPI): Kohler, intensity adjustable, with iris field and aperture diaphragm, 24V/100W Halogen lamp
  • Color filters (transmitted): blue
  • Color filters (EPI): blue, green, yellow, white
  • Polarizer (transmitted): built-in, 0ø- 360ø rotatable, minimum graduation 2ø
  • Polarizer (EPI): slide in and out of the light path
  • Analyzer: slide in and out of the light path, 0ø- 360ø rotatable, minimum graduation 1ø (0.1ø when using vernier)
  • Bertrand Lens: in the intermediate attachment, switch in and out of the light path, capable of focusing and centering
  • Compensators: quarter-wave plate (1/4ׯ plate), tint plate (1ׯ plate), and quartz wedge (Q plate)
  • Power supply: AC 100-240V, 50Hz/60Hz, 2.5A (NZ PLUG)
  • Dimension: 22 in x 21-1/4 in x 24-1/2 in (56 x 28 x 62 cm)
  • Net weight: 37 lb (16.8 kg)
  • Cross weight: 44 lb 7 oz (20.2 kg)

Packing List:

  • Trinocular microscope head
  • Microscope frame and base
  • Condenser assembly
  • Rotary stage
  • Intermediate attachment
  • Light housing (EPI)
  • Light housing (transmitted)
  • 2 EW10X/22 eyepieces
  • 3 EW10X/22 eyepieces with reticles
  • 2 objectives: 5X, 10X
  • 3 objectives: 20X, 50X, 100X (works with no cover slips)
  • 2 objectives: 40X, 100X (works with 0.17 cover slips)
  • Analyzer
  • Substitute of analyzer
  • Polarizer (EPI)
  • 3 compensator plates: 1/4ׯ, 1ׯ, and Quartz wedge
  • Substitute of compensator
  • Photo tube
  • 1 color filter (transmitted): blue
  • 4 color filters (EPI): blue, green, white, yellow
  • A bottle of immersion oil
  • Metal specimen plate
  • Glass specimen plate (slide)
  • 4 Allen keys
  • Wrench for focusing tension adjustment
  • Extra halogen bulb (24V,100W)
  • Extra fuse
  • Power cord
  • Dust cover

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