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Omax 40-2500x Trinocular Compound w/ 14MP Camera Microscope

The advanced compound Trinocular microscope 40X to 2500X provides a 14MP USB digital imaging system and a LED illumination for heat free viewing. The digital...

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  • $1,839.00
  • Omax 40x-2000x Compound w/ Double Layer stage Microscope

    This OMAX binocular biological compound microscope offers eight magnifications between 40X and 2000X for total flexibility. The microscope comes with a 45ø inclined 360ø swivelling...

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  • $849.00
  • $1,029.00 You save: $180.00
  • OMAX 40x-2500x w/ Built-In 3.0mp Digital Compound Microscope

    This digital compound binocular biological microscope allows for viewing through the eyepieces and use of the digital camera simultaneously, no need to compromise. It includes...

  • $1,169.00
  • Omax 40x-2000x Compound Microscope w/ 1.3mp Camera & Accessories

    This microscope is both a digital and analogue in it's use. It has a built-inUSB camera as well as an optical binocular head for flexibility....

  • $1,069.00
  • OMAX 10.0MP Camera For Microscopes (Windows/Mac/Linux)

    This super speed 10MP USB 3.0 microscope digital camera comes packed with a reduction lens, a USB cable, two adapters, and a 0.01mm calibration slide....

    In stock

  • $749.00
  • OMAX 5MP USB Digital Microscope Camera

    This 5MP microscope digital camera has a unique design that includes a USB cable and two adapters. The digital camera captures still images, streams live...

    In stock

  • $375.00
  • 100-Piece Blank Glass Microscope Slides w/ 100 Glass Cover Slips

    Slide material: optical glass Slide thickness: 1 mm - 1.2 mm Slide size: 76 mm x 26 mm (3" x 1") Cover slip material: optical...

    In stock

  • $49.00
  • Omax 0.1mm & 0.01mm Microscope Calibration Slide

    Slide material: Schott optical glass Dual metric scales- 0.1mm per scale, the total length of scale 10mm, 100 divisions- 0.01mm per scale, the total length...

    In stock

  • $109.00
  • Omax DSLR Microscope Adapter

    This is a brand new Canon SLR/DSLR Camera adapter for microscopes. Magnification Power: 2X Material: Metal Mounting Size on Microscope Side: 23.2mm, 30mm and/or 30.5mm...

    In stock

  • $289.00
  • Omax 7x-45x Zoom Trinocular with Ring Light Stereo Microscope

    High-quality optical glass elements Trinocular viewing head 10X high eyepoint widefield eyepieces 60 LED ring light provides shadowless illumination Sturdy metal table stand with large...

    In stock

  • $989.00
  • Omax 40x-2000x Infinity Darkfield Trinocular Microscope w/ 10mp Camera

    This superior quality OMAX darkfield microscope is designed for advanced life science research using the darkfield low contrast microscopy technique and includes a super speed...

  • $2,999.00
  • Omax Infinity Trinocular Compound 40x-1500x Microscope

    This microscope is designed for professionals. The M9332 microscope features a large double-layer mechanical stage, two pairs of 10X and 15X super widefield eyepieces, and four...

    In stock

  • $2,150.00
  • Omax 2.1x-270x Microscope on w/ Dual Lights Microscope

    This high end trinocular stereo zoom microscope system utilizes a fully coated optical system with super high resolution and a super speed 14MP USB 3.0...

  • $4,670.00
  • Omax Zoom Trinocular Stereo Microscope 7X-45X with Dual Illuminators

    Key Features: Plug and see, no special knowledge needed Top-quality optical glass elements Easy to connect digital camera (adapter not included), CCD camera (electronic eyepiece)...

    In stock

  • $1,300.00
  • Omax 40-600x Polarizing Compound Microscope w/ 10mp Camera

    Super speed 10MP USB 3.0 digital camera includes 0.5X reduction lens and 0.01mm calibration slide Capable of transmitted polarized light Circular rotatable stage with 360degrees;...

  • $5,050.00
  • Omax Ring Light for Cold Light

    Ring head fibre pipe provides satisfactory shadowless illumination Long lifetime Product CE approved 3 ft (91cm) fiber pipe Fiber head diameter 25/32" (20mm) Net weight:...

  • $499.00
  • Omax 0.3X Auxiliary Objective Lens For Stereo Microscopes

    Features:Enlarge field of viewSignificantly increase working distanceEasy to attach on objective --- just screw it onManufacturer in business 30+ years Specifications:Mount thread: male (top) 48mm...

    In stock

  • $180.00
  • Omax Dry Darkfield Condenser For Compound Microscopes NA 0.7-0.9

    Overview: Dry darkfield condenser for compound microscopes NA: 0.7-0.9 Mounting size: 37mm in diameter This unit fits a large range of Microscopes that have normal,...

  • $159.00
  • Omax 5.0mp High Sensitivity Microscope Camera

    5MP (2560x1920) high resolution color digital camera Advanced editing, processing and measuring software included Compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating system 0.75X reduction...

  • $4,569.00
  • Omax 40x-2000x Plan Trinocular Infinity Polarizing Microscope w/ USB3.0 10mp Camera

    Capable of bright field, and polarized light (orthoscope and conoscope) observation Infinity optical system, Kohler transmitted illumination 5 plan infinity strain-free achromatic objectives Polarizer, analyzer,...

  • $10,909.00