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Orion Dew Zapper Pro 4 Channel Control Module

SKU: 03517

Orion Dew Zapper Pro 4 Channel Control Module-Jacobs Photo and Digital
Orion Dew Zapper Pro 4 Channel Control Module

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About this product

  • The Orion Dew Zapper Pro is an advanced 12-volt DC dew prevention and elimination system which can power up to four heating bands to prevent dew accumulation on all your optics (heating bands sold separately)
  • Microprocessor-controlled circuitry delivers pulse-width modulation for precise temperature control of up to four heating bands
  • Each heater output has its own temperature control knob with adjustment from 0% to 100% so you can set each one to your preference
  • Heating bands are power-efficient, drawing only 0.25 amps to 2.8 amps at maximum output (heating bands sold separately)
  • Don't let dew dampen your spirits, or your telescope optics, get the made in the U.S.A. Orion Dew Zapper Pro today

We also sell the heating bands for many different sizes of Telescope!

The Orion Dew Zapper Pro 4-Channel Control Module is part of the larger Dew Zapper Pro 4-Channel Dew Prevention System. Individual heating bands are sold separately from the control module.

With the Orion Dew Zapper Pro you'll never again have to quit an observing or imaging session because dew clouded up your optics. Our advanced dew prevention system controls up to four individual heating bands independently. So you can keep all of your optics - main telescope, finder scope, guide scope, eyepieces, or other optical accessories - bone dry in high humidity or dew-prone weather. Five different heating band sizes are available.

The Dew Zapper Pro control module is powered by a 12-volt field battery and comes with a car lighter-style DC plug on a 12' cable. The microprocessor-controlled circuitry delivers pulse-width modulation for stable, precise temperature control. Each of the four heater outputs has its own temperature control knob with a full range of adjustment from 0% to 100%, and each has a red LED power indicator. Set the output of each channel to provide just the right amount of heating for the prevailing conditions.

The heating bands (sold separately) are highly power efficient, drawing only 0.25 amps (for #3518) to 2.5 amps (for #3522) at maximum output. A 10-amp fuse in the control module prevents any mishaps from electrical surges or reversed polarity. And unlike competing dew-prevention systems, the Orion Dew Zapper Pro's heating bands have right-angle cable connections to reduce cable strain and provide a tighter fit. Hook-and-loop fasteners hold the bands snugly around your telescope and accessories. Each heating band comes with a 6-foot long cable that plugs into the control module via an RCA-type connector. Removable caps are included to protect any unused ports from exposure to the elements. The control module also has an auxiliary 12-volt port, which allows you to power any 12-volt accessory directly from the module.

Don't let high humidity or dew dampen your spirits - or your optics! Buy the Orion Dew Zapper Pro today. Made in the U.S.A.

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