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Orion Tritech II Field Tripod with Fluid Pan Head

Provides sturdy and portable support for instrument loads up to 13.2 lbs. Tripod height reaches a generous 68" when fully extended Features 3-section extendable aluminum...

  • $249.00
  • Orion Observer II 70mm Altazimuth Refractor Telescope

    A great choice for beginners, this 70mm refractor telescope will introduce you to the wonders of the night sky 70mm (2.75") aperture and 700mm focal...

    In stock

  • $349.00
  • Orion GoScope III 70mm Refractor Travel Telescope

    Grab-and-go day and night refractor telescope and lightweight aluminum tripod for beginning stargazers and families on the go Rugged, specially designed backpack holds the 70mm...

    In stock

  • $299.00
  • Orion Variable Polarizing Filter 1.25"

    The Orion Variable Polarizing eyepiece filter acts like a dimmer switch for your telescope, to tone down brightness and accentuate contrast of bright celestial objects...

  • $91.00
  • Orion Lasermate Deluxe II

    With the LaserMate Deluxe II Laser Collimator, you will get dead-on alignment (a.k.a., collimation) of your reflector telescope's primary and secondary mirrors quickly and consistently....

    In stock

  • $195.00
  • Orion Wagan AC to DC 5 amp Power Adapter

    The 5 Amp AC-to-12V DC Power Adapter has a high current rating (5 amps) making it the ideal choice to power 12 volt astronomy equipment....

    In stock

  • $199.00
  • Orion 1.25" Variable Universal Camera Adapter

    The Orion 1.25" Variable Universal Camera Adapters allow attachment of a camera body to reflector and refractor telescopes for either prime-focus or telescope eyepiece-projection photography...

    In stock

  • $149.00
  • Orion GoScope 80mm TableTop Refractor Telescope

    For a portable telescope that excels at wide-field stargazing, look no further than the Orion GoScope 80mm TableTop Refractor Telescope. This ultra-compact, entry-level refractor with...

  • $349.00
  • Orion EF Widefield Eyepieces

    Extra flat ("EF") optical design minimizes field curvature for flatter, non-distorted images Wide fields of view provide an immersive visual experience Fully multi-coated, edge-blackened lenses...

  • $249.00
  • Orion 1.25" 13% Moon Filter

    We are able to see the Moon at night thanks to sunlight reflecting off its rocky surface. When looking at the Moon through a telescope,...

  • $89.00
  • Orion StarMax 90mm TableTop Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope

    This grab-and-go TableTop Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope provides powerful views of the Moon and bright planets such as Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars Weighing just 6.5 lbs. assembled,...

  • $699.00
  • Orion StarShoot USB Eyepiece Camera II

    Fun and useful USB Eyepiece Camera allows you to transmit the real-time view through your telescope to a laptop or PC, and capture great digital...

  • $159.00
  • Orion Dew Heating Bands - Eyepeice & Telescope Sizes

    Heating Band for preventing dew accumulation on large aperture telescopes using the Orion Dew Zapper Pro 4-Channel Dew Prevention System Sized to fit telescopes with...

    In stock

  • $169.00
  • Orion SpaceProbe 130ST Equatorial Reflector Telescope

    This 5.1" aperture reflector telescope gathers an ample amount of light for great views of the planets and Moon, as well as brighter galaxies, nebulas,...

  • $799.00
  • Orion GiantView 25x100 Binocular

    It's the same night sky, all right. But with this jumbo Orion Giant View 25x100 Astronomy Binocular, you'll see it like never before. Large-aperture, fully...

  • $1,199.00
  • $1,499.00 You save: $300.00
  • Orion VersaGo E-Series 90mm Telescope

    Family-friendly 90mm refractor on single-arm altazimuth mount excels for effortless long-distance viewing 90mm (3.5") aperture and 600mm focal length telescope (f/6.7) excels for views of...

  • $449.00
  • Orion Planetary Filter Set - 4 Colours

    Handy colour planetary telescope eyepiece filters help enhance your view of the planets and Moon, unveiling specific features and enabling you to discern more detail...

    In stock

  • $149.00
  • Orion Expanse 6mm Wide-Angle Eyepiece 1.25"

    With its 66-degree apparent field of view, this 6mm Orion Expanse Telescope Eyepiece will definitely turn up the Wow! factor in your deep-sky observing experiences....

  • $179.00
  • Orion GiantView BT-100 Binocular

    Huge 100mm objective lenses provide incredibly bright and immersive views of starry skies and daytime scenes Included pair of 18mm, 65-degree eyepieces provide 31x views...

  • $3,999.00
  • Orion 13" Universal Narrow Dovetail Plate

    Dovetail mounting plate fits narrow Vixen-style saddles as found on Orion AstroView EQ, SkyView Pro EQ, Sirius EQ-G, and unaltered Atlas EQ-G telescope mountsAlso fits...

  • $125.00