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Orion StarShoot 2" Filter Wheel and LRGB Filter Set Package

SKU: 20186

Orion StarShoot 2" Filter Wheel and LRGB Filter Set Package

Orion StarShoot 2" Filter Wheel and LRGB Filter Set Package

SKU: 20186

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About this product

  • A combo 2" Filter Wheel and LRGB filter set designed for motorized operation using a monochrome camera to capture dazzling full color images of the night sky
  • Red, blue, and green astrophotography filters plus the haze-eliminating Luminance filter yield stunning results
  • T-thread and 2" nozzle attachments on the StarShoot Filter Wheel allow for connection to most all telescope and camera combinations
  • All filters in the set block ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) wavelenghts for higher contrast CCD images. Metal filter cell construction
  • Operated by direct USB connection to a PC, Windows 10 compatible, as well as ASCOM compatible

Now, every imaging session can be as productive as possible with the StarShoot 2" Motorized Filter Wheel and LRGB Filter Set Package. Not only does it ensure automatic and trouble free filter transitions for your monochrome imaging setup, but it saves precious imaging time.To easily transition filters for automatic LRGB (Luminance, Red, Green, and Blue) imaging, simply load up the four included filters into the StarShoot 2" Motorized Filter Wheel and use your imaging software to change filters automatically. Let your PC do the work while it grabs the separate exposures through each filter. Versatile threading and adapters provide several attachment methods, including T-threads for focusers with camera adapters, a removable 2" nosepiece, and a removable T-thread adapter for camera attachment.

The StarShoot 2" Motorized filter wheel is powered by the USB port, needing no other cable or power. ASCOM compatible, and Windows 10 compatible. Consuming only 1" of focus travel, the StarShoot 2" Motorized Filter Wheel is ideal for use with a mono chip camera, but can also be used with color cameras when you want to switch between filters such as light pollution or neutral density filters.

Our specialized 2" LRGB filters are useful for a variety of imaging systems including larger format CCD and CMOS cameras. They are designed for creating high-quality composite color astrophotos of deep sky objects with monochrome imaging cameras. Combining separate images taken through these four filters with a monochrome camera provides a higher resolution final image with better color rendition than an image from a comparably sized color chip. Orion's 2" LRGB filter set features robust dichroic glass filters designed for maximum light transmission. The color filters have an IR (infrared) and UV (ultraviolet) blocking coating, and all filters are parfocal to eliminate the tedious task of refocusing between exposure sets. Foam-lined filter case included.

In the box:

  • Filter wheel
  • LRGB filter set
  • USB cable
  • Foam-lined filter case
  • Hex wrench

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