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SkyWatcher 250/1200 Photo Reflector OTA Telescope


Skywatcher 250/1200 Photo Reflector OTA Telescope-Telescope-Jacobs Photo and Digital

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Optical Tube Assembly, Perfect for a AZEQ6 or EQ6-R mount for Visual and Astrophotography

The new Skywatcher Explorer-250P has the same superb parabolic primary mirror as the original Explorer-250P but features a 1.25"/2" Dual-Speed 10:1 ratio focuser for enhanced focus control and a shorter tube length with the secondary mirror positioned closer to the primary mirror for more convenient prime-focus photography.

Photo of Mars using a entry level Canon DSLR and 5x Barlow lens attached to this Telescope. 

Photo of Mars using Skywatcher 250


  • 250mm Parabolic Primary Mirror (10") - High Grade (marked with the gold logo on the side)
  • Telescope Focal Length 1200mm (f/4.7)
  • 1.25"/2" Dual-Speed 10:1 Crayford Focuser
  • 0.5mm Ultra-Thin Secondary Mirror Supports
  • 56% more Light-Gathering than 200mm
  • Eyepiece Supplied 2" 28mm long-eye-relief
  • Magnification (with eyepiece supplied) x43
  • 9x50 Finderscope
  • Weight: 11kg, Shipping weight is 18kg
  • 1.25" Adaptor is included in the Box.


  • SkyWatcher Black Diamond 250/1200 Photo Reflector OTA
  • 28mm LET Eyepiece
  • 8×50 Finder Scope
  • 250mm Tube Rings
  • Dovetail Bar

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